One Voice

    • D300 Aspiring Administrators,

      In District 300, we strive to ensure every member of our valued staff has an opportunity to voice their opinions, share their celebrations, and address their concerns.

      I cordially invite each of you to join Superintendent Heid for a small group discussion during a One Voice, One District Roundtable for all D300 Aspiring Administrators on Thursday, May 9th at 4 p.m. at the District 300 Central Office (2550 Harnish Road, Algonquin). This event is voluntary and occurs after the work day.

      This One Voice, One District Roundtable is open to staff currently enrolled in the D300 Aspiring Administrators Program. The discussion is intended to provide each of you with an opportunity to share your accomplishments, address your concerns, and engage in a dialogue about the direction of our District. 

      Please register for the May 9th One Voice, One District Roundtable by filling out the form below.

      Please email Anthony McGinn, Director of Public Relations and Communication Services, with any questions you may have at: