• District 300 Technology Department’s beliefs are to help students reach their full and unique potential as self-directed learners and responsible citizens through an emphasis on teaching and learning. 

    The goal of our team is to support the technology environment that is built around the curriculum of the school district.  We strive to maintain a robust and reliable infrastructure that is able to support teaching and learning throughout our district and well as provide a platform for the operation of administrative programs for our students and staff.

    Particular focus is applied to ensuring that we can maintain the supportability of current and future technologies in support of the ever advancing world of education.  By keeping up to date with emerging technologies we can more effectively help to integrate technology into the curriculum in support of the District’s mission that the students of District 300 will reach their potential as self-directed learners and responsible citizens.

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  • John Hummel






    Chief Technology Officer

    John Hummel