Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) and Committees (PTCs)

    • District 300 PTOs and PTCs serve as an invaluable connection between District 300, our schools, and our parents. District 300 has compiled a list of all of our PTO/PTC websites below. If you'd like to join a PTO/PTC or attend a meeting, please check your school's PTO/PTC website or contact your school's main office. 

      Algonquin Lakes Elementary PTO

      Algonquin Middle School PTO

      Carpentersville Middle School PTO

      deLacey Family Education Center PTO

      Dundee Highlands Elementary School PTC

      Dundee Middle School Parent Association

      Eastview Elementary School PTO

      Gilberts Elementary School PTO

      Golfview Elementary School PTO

      Hampshire Elementary School PTO

      Hampshire Middle School PTO

      Lake in the Hills Elementary School PTC

      Lakewood Elementary School PTO

      Liberty Elementary School PTO

      Lincoln Prairie Elementary School PTO

      Meadowdale Elementary School PTO

      Neubert Elementary School PTO

      Parkview Elementary School PTC

      Perry Elementary School PTO

      Sleepy Hollow Elementary School PTO

      Westfield Community School PTO

      Wright Elementary School PTO