• District 300's central mission is to provide engaging and inclusive educational experiences that empower and equip all students to discover, innovate, and succeed now and in the future.

    District 300’s academic department focuses on a progressive and rigorous curriculum, relevant assessments, and continuous improvement of instruction and student learning. We strive to offer students many opportunities to discover their passions and skills in order to enable them to achieve this mission.

Drive 300 - Curriculum And Instruction Guiding Principles

  • Drive 300 encompasses the guiding principles that serve as our commitment to provide our students with purposeful and engaging learning experiences that ensure student success. 

    In District 300, we work in partnership with the student to define his or her success, while maintaining high expectations. As such, our curriculum focuses on teaching 21st century skills and providing innovative learning experiences for all students.

    District 300’s guiding principles focus on rigorous and relevant curriculum for all grade levels and all ranges of student ability that is aligned with state and national standards and prepares students for success in our global society. Our curriculum is research-based and vertically aligned from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and reviewed through a continuous improvement model.

    Quality instruction promotes active learning for all students and is supported by our teachers, data, and assessments. Through differentiated instruction, we incorporate higher order thinking skills while meeting the diverse needs and abilities of each individual learner.

School Improvement Process and Plans

  • District 300’s mission is to provide engaging and inclusive educational experiences that empower and equip all students to discover, innovate, and succeed now and in the future.

    One way in which we are working to achieve our district mission is through the School Improvement Planning process. A building’s School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a unique plan, refined annually, that defines a school’s targeted work to raise achievement for all of its students. Each School Improvement Plan is developed in concert with the District 300 Strategic Plan and informed by a review of student assessment data.

    Every District 300 school has a team who meets throughout the year to develop and monitor their school plan. The team may include administrators, certified staff, non-certified staff and parents. School Improvement Plan goals include a focus on the academic areas of mathematics, English language arts, and science.

    Our individual building school improvement efforts, combined with our District 300 Strategic Plan, represent our district’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

    To view the current School Improvement Plans, please:

    • Select a school from the “Schools” dropdown channel at the top of the page
    • Select a school
    • Once on a school website, hover over the “About” channel
    • Click on “School Improvement Plan (SIP)”
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