World Languages

  • In alignment to District 300’s central mission, to ensure all students are college or career ready upon graduation, students who graduate from our schools will develop skills in the target language to communicate through the domains of reading, writing, listening, and speaking; develop an awareness of the cultures that utilize the target language; and use the target language in formats appropriate for the classroom and the workplace.


    Middle School

    Middle school world language instruction enables students to take two years of Spanish based upon eligibility. In seventh grade, students take an introductory course to establish baseline knowledge in the language. The eighth grade course is equivalent to Spanish 1 at the high school. Those who complete the course with passing grades will earn 1.0 credit hours on their high school transcript and be eligible to take Spanish 2 as freshmen.


    High School

    High school world language instruction provides students a choice between Spanish, French, German (at Dundee-Crown), or American Sign Language (at Hampshire). Students will develop the language skills in order to communicate in personal, professional, and social settings with others that speak the target language. While in class, students will almost exclusively utilize the target language as they are immersed in communicative activities and learning about the target cultures.

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     Director of EL Services

    and World Languages


    David Rojas