Accelerate College Program

Video: The First Ten - The Story of the Accelerate College Program

  • District 300 invites you to watch, “The First Ten: The Story of The Accelerate College Program,” featuring students from Dundee-Crown High School, Hampshire High School, and Jacobs High School.

    The video chronicles the first ten students to graduate from the Accelerate College Program.

    In the fall of 2017, District 300 and Elgin Community College launched a joint program, called Accelerate College, which provided students with an opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and college credits.

    Two years later, on May 17th, 2019, ten students received their college diplomas from Elgin Community College, a day before receiving their high school diplomas, completely tuition-free.

    The Accelerate College Program is open to select High School students. Parents or students interested in the Accelerate College program should contact their counselor for more information.

    District 300 would like to thank Elgin Community College for their partnership in this program. We’d also like to thank Elgin Community College President, Dr. David Sam, and the college’s Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Toya Webb, for their time, generosity, and involvement in the video production.