Physical Education

  • In alignment to District 300’s central mission, to ensure all students are college and career ready upon graduation, students who graduate from our schools will have experiences to enhance physical well-being in the present and the knowledge to continue a lifestyle of physical well-being for the future.


    Elementary School

    Elementary physical education instruction focuses on basic motor and object control skills.  Through the usage of engaging games and activities, the physical education program educates students on health enhancing behaviors. Focus will include, but is not limited to, locomotor movements, striking, kicking, throwing, catching, dribbling, volleying, and fitness.


    Middle School

    Middle school physical education instruction requires students to apply motor and control skills in order to understand gameplay rules, tactics and strategies that enhance physical well-being and prepare students to live a lifetime of physical wellness. Focus will include, but is not limited to, team sports, individual sports and fitness activities incorporating cardiovascular and muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.


    High School

    High school physical education instruction enhances individual well-being concepts that can be applied to a lifetime of wellness. As students progress through high school they will have a choice of activities that include, but are not limited to, group fitness, dance, yoga, weight training, strength, conditioning, and individual and team sports. Concepts include, but are not limited to, goal setting, exercise physiology, and fitness principles.

  • Thomas Parisi














     Director for PE,

    Health, Driver's Education,

    and Athletics


    Thomas Parisi