Early Childhood Education

  • The District 300 Early Childhood team provides several opportunities to meet the needs of families with infant and toddler children.


    Birth to Three Program 

    The Birth to Three program of District 300 is a Parents as Teachers (PAT) affiliate program. Our highly trained staff support parents from the early stages of pregnancy up until a child reaches their third birthday.  

    No one will be more important to a child’s development and growth than their parents. Parenting can be tough, so let us be your partner! Our program is designed to help parents feel more confident and gain more competence in their crucially important role. Parents receive research-based information to help stimulate growth and critical brain development in their child through participation in various guided activities. 

    Best of all, our services are FREE to families living within the boundaries of District 300!

    Free services include:

    • Developmental screenings for any child ages 2 months to 32 months
    • Teen parenting program
    • Home visiting program for qualified families 

    If you are pregnant or are parenting a child from infancy to age three and would like further information about any of our FREE programs, please click on one of our brochures:

    Please contact Sonja Russell at 224-484-2300 to learn more.

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    Executive Director of Early

    Childhood Education


    Kristin Corriveau




  • Preschool

    Preschool in District 300 is FREE to those children who qualify. Our programs have earned the state’s highest designation - the Gold Circle of Quality. All District 300 preschool programs utilize Creative Curriculum, aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards - Preschool. This is a research-based curriculum, recommended by the Illinois State Board of Education. Children receive either breakfast, lunch or a snack (depending upon the program) or may bring their own food or snack if they choose.

    Our play-based half day (2 ½ hour) Preschool For All five-day-a-week program is offered Monday through Friday at our main preschool center, the deLacey Family Education Center, as well as at five other satellite schools: Eastview Elementary, Gilberts Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Lincoln Prairie Elementary, Westfield Community School, and Wright Elementary. The Preschool For All program is available to students who meet qualification criteria, and may begin on or after their third birthday. The program serves children until they are kindergarten eligible. 

    A full-day Preschool For All Expansion program is available five-days-a-week Monday through Friday at deLacey Family Education Center. This program is open to children who would attend our Title I schools (Golfview, Lakewood, Meadowdale, Parkview or Perry) and meet selection criteria. Students must be four years old and eligible for kindergarten the following school year. 


    Special Education Program

    Special Education preschool programs are also available for students with identified significant delays. These programs provide more individualized instruction based upon the student’s needs.


    Preschool Application

    We are pleased that you are interested in our preschool program. Our admission process for all preschool programs begins with screening. We take screening requests for three and four year old children.

    1. Complete the Initial Screening Contact Form. If you need a hard-copy of this form please contact the deLacey Family Education Center for assistance 224-484-2300.

    2. Complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire - 3 (ASQ-3). This screening tool will be mailed to you after we receive your Initial Screening Contact Form (see above). This is the first stage of screening. This information will help us to better understand your child’s developmental strengths and areas of need. It also helps us to better understand how your child is doing in important areas such as speech, physical development, social and problem solving skills. This document should be completed by the parent or guardian and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

    3. Return ASQ-3 via U.S. Mail, or drop it off at the deLacey Family Education Center main office.

    Your completed ASQ-3 will be scored and reviewed by the District 300 screening team. The screening team will determine one of the following, and contact you as soon as possible:

    1. Your child is developmentally appropriate and does not meet qualifying criteria for the Preschool For All program.

    2. Your child meets the criteria for the Preschool For All program. In the event that our program is full, your child will be placed on a waiting list, and you will be notified when an opening becomes available.

    3. Your child is recommended to receive further evaluation through a play-based assessment.