Human Resources

  • Welcome to the Human Resources Department at District 300. Our Human Resources Department is committed to providing the highest level of customer service through fair treatment of employees, open communication and personal accountability. Our goal is to provide, encourage and support a talented workforce that represents our diverse student population. You are an integral part of building a bright future for the nearly 21,000 students in District 300. 



    District 300 recognizes that the talented and dedicated people who work here are by far this District's most valuable asset. District 300 offers a wide variety of competitive, comprehensive benefit options and work/life benefits that provide our employees with choices to meet their individual or family needs.

    To review the benefit options, please click here.

    If you still have questions, please contact Human Resources at 847-551-8490.


    Employee Compensation Mandated Reports

    Public Act 096-0434 & Public Act 097-0256

    Public Act 097-0609


    Employment Request Verifications

    All verifications of employment are completed by the Human Resources department. Please note, the Human Resources department does require the employee’s signature authorizing the release of the information. Please send your request email to Standard response time is 24 to 48 hours, however during peak hiring seasons this could be delayed by an additional 24 to 48 hours. To follow up on the status of a verification, contact the Human Resources department at 847-551-8490.


    Labor Agreements

    DESA Negotiated Agreement 

    DESPA Negotiated Agreement

    LEAD 300 Contract

    Superintendent Contract


    Student Teaching Information

    All placements, including student teaching, practicum, and observation hours must be coordinated through District 300 Central Office, not through schools. Please do not, under any circumstances, reach out directly to teachers or building administration to coordinate a placement as this both circumvent and complicates our established process; we appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please be aware that we will not confirm any placements that have been independently arranged-we will instead place the student teacher with an alternate cooperating teacher.

    To apply for student teaching/internship placements, please click here. After submitting a request, you will receive a response confirming receipt of the request. Please allow at least two weeks before reaching out for a status update on your placement request.

    Student teaching placement communication and related placement materials should be directed to Student Teaching by emailing   

    Please note the following deadlines for submission of student teaching/internships and linked practicum requests:

    • Fall Semester: April 15th
    • Spring Semester: October 15th

    If you are seeking to coordinate observation and/or practicum hours, please click here. If you have a request for a linked practicum/student teaching placement (where the student teacher must be placed with the same cooperating teacher for both the practicum and student teaching placement), please reach out to Student Teaching by emailing

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    Main Line: 847-551-8490

    Fax: 847-551-8493