Proof of Residency

    • Proof of Address

      All documents must be current (within past 30 days) and include your parent/guardian name and your District 300 address.  A student's address is the same as the person who has legal custody of the student. To guard your security, please block out account numbers, social security numbers, or any other personal information on the documents before you present them.

      Requirements for Homeowners - ONE document from the following list is required.

      • Most recent real estate tax bill
      • Closing statement
      • Mortgage documentation
      • HUD-1 statement

      Requirements for Renters - TWO documents from the following information are required.

      Document #1: Current lease agreement signed and dated by landlord.


      Document #2: Utility bill that indicates both the service dates within the past 30 days and the service address.  Utility bills such as: electric, gas, water, home internet/cable would be acceptable if the above criteria is met.

      Note: If a utility bill is not yet available, because the lease started within the last 30 days; one of the documents from the list below will be required until a utility service is established and that utility bill provided to the school.

      • Bank statement
      • Credit Card statement
      • Home/apartment insurance certificate
      • Medical billing statement
      • Pay stub
      • State of IL automobile registration
      • Receipt for city vehicle sticker


      If neither situation noted above is applicable to your living arrangements and you reside with individuals who live within District 300 boundaries: Contact your D300 school office to obtain necessary documents to be completed for address verification.

      Students who transfer to another school within District 300 as a result of a change of address will be required to submit the same documentation as stated above prior to the address and enrollment being changed in our student database.


      Registration Fees

      Please note: The following registration fee information does not pertain to Cambridge Lakes Learning Center students.

      A registration fee, established annually by the Board of Education, is required for all students. These funds help defray the costs of paper, art supplies, and workbooks that the student uses during the course of the school year. In addition, individual schools distribute school supply lists, and parents are requested to provide the items according to their child's grade level. Students whose families meet the federal income guidelines for free and reduced lunch are eligible for fee waivers.

      For information about students fees and free and reduced lunch applications, please click here.

      Transfer of Records

      If your student is transferring from another school district, please call your child’s new school. If you would like to know what school your child will attend, please call the District 300 Central Office at 847-551-8300.