• District 300's central mission is to ensure all students are college or career ready upon graduation.

      District 300’s academic department focuses on a progressive and rigorous curriculum, relevant assessments and continuous improvement of instruction and student learning. We strive to offer students many opportunities to discover their passions and skills in order to enable them to achieve this mission.

    • Drive 300 - Curriculum and Instruction Guiding Principles

      Drive 300 encompasses the guiding principles that serve as our commitment to provide our students with purposeful and engaging learning experiences that ensure student success. 

      In District 300, we work in partnership with the student to define his or her success, while maintaining high expectations. As such, our curriculum focuses on teaching 21st century skills and providing innovative learning experiences for all students.

      Drive 300’s guiding principles focus on rigorous and relevant curriculum for all grade levels and all ranges of student ability that is aligned with state and national standards and prepares students for success in our global society. Our curriculum is research-based and vertically aligned from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and reviewed through a continuous improvement model.

      Quality instruction promotes active learning for all students and is supported by our teachers, data, and assessments. Through differentiated instruction, we incorporate higher order thinking skills while meeting the diverse needs and abilities of each individual learner.

      All students are on a journey. When students arrive to us in District 300, this is the beginning of their journey, or Point A. Each District 300 student is striving to reach his or her destination, Point B, which is to become college or career ready upon graduation.

      So, how do we go from Point A to Point B? In District 300, we drive. 


      Click here to download the Drive 300 document as a PDF.

Kara Vicente, Kristin Corriveau, Joe Schumacher, Bill Doran, and Lindsay Jonas