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    Director of Purchasing

    Diane C. White


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      District 300’s Purchasing Department is the central buying office responsible for making general purchases of products and services required by all departments within the District 300 organization.

      The Purchasing Department provides services to all District 300 schools and departments by planning, organizing, and directing purchasing activities in accordance with federal, state, and local laws in accordance with Board Policies and administrative procedures governing purchasing. Purchasing buyers work under the supervision of the Director of Purchasing to secure the goods necessary to the operation of District 300.


      General Updates

      Public Auctions
      D300 has now posted items on the Public Surplus website for auction.

      Please click here for further information.


      Current Open Bids/RFPS/Quotes

      RFP-Dept Collection Services

      Bid:06A-1 General Trades, 09D-1 Acoustical Ceiling, 09F-1 Flooring, 09G-1 Painting, 22A-1 Plumbing. 23A-1 HVAC, and 26A-1 Electrical for the 2018 Summer Renovations -II Bid Release 1


      Upcoming Bids/RFPs/Quotes

      None at this time.


      Current Closed Bids/RFPS/Quotes

      RFP- Erate Category II Equipment (Core Switching) 

      BID- 06A-1 General Trades, 09F-1 Flooring, 09G-1 Painting, 22A-1 Plumbing, 23A-1 HVAC, and 26A-1 Electrical for the 2018 Summer Renovations - 1 - Bid Release 1 Note Opening Date Change: Bid Opening 2/14/18 at 2:00 p.m. 

      Bid: District Wide Purchase of HVAC Air Filters

      Bid:Contract Pricing of Playground and Decorative Mulch

      Contract Pricing of Musical Instruments and Equipment