Volunteering - Information and Application

  • Volunteer Application Information

    District 300 has gone paperless with our volunteer applications.

    Anyone interested in volunteering at a District 300 school simply needs to fill out a form available by clicking here. Or, by visiting their school’s homepage, clicking on the “Parent Form Center” (located under the homepage slideshow), and clicking “Volunteer Application.” 

    Users must complete and submit the volunteer application online. Upon submission, the application will be sent to the school(s) indicated on the application form. Upon approval, the user will receive an approval email with sign in instructions. Each application must have a unique email address and a volunteer cannot use a D300 email address.

    Parents and guardians must present a photo ID at their first scheduled volunteering opportunity. The ID will be scanned and linked to a volunteer file. 

    This new system will be able to track volunteer hours and can be utilized by schools to manage events.

    Please do not use a District 300 email address when filling out the application as the system will not be able to recognize it.


    Volunteer Program Guidelines, Parameters, and Expectations

    Printable PDF - English and Spanish