Middle School Information

  • AVID

    Middle school AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) instruction is a program aimed at students in the academic middle that want to challenge themselves to succeed in more difficult coursework, with the eventual aim of college attendance and success. Students may enter AVID through a recruitment process beginning in sixth grade and may enter the program until their sophomore year. For more information on District 300's AVID program, click here.


    Dual Language

    Middle school dual language instruction is a continuation of the program that students participate in at the elementary school. Currently, Dundee Middle School houses the district dual language program for middle school students.  In this program, students follow the same nine period day and core course sequence as all other middle school students. In addition all dual language students receive Spanish instruction in the content area of social studies and are enrolled in a Spanish literacy elective class. For additional information regarding dual language offerings please click here.


    English Language Arts

    Middle school English language arts instruction continues to build upon the foundation of reading and writing that began in elementary school. Students will encounter more rigorous texts in order to strengthen their comprehension and find connections across text types. Through informational texts and literature, students will develop a stronger vocabulary in order to better understand texts. Students will write arguments focused on claims and relevant evidence, write informative texts to examine a topic, and convey ideas, and write narratives depicting real experiences and events. 


    English as a Second Language

    Middle school English language instruction follows a sheltered instruction approach and is used to teach both language and content simultaneously. Eligibility for English language support is based off of student performance on an annual assessment.  



    Middle school exploratory course work exposes students to a variety of experiences in order to provide connections to different content areas and develop basic skills in those areas as well as expose them to high school opportunities. Students change exploraties after each nine week rotation. All schools offer art, project-based learning, innovative technology, and college and career readiness. For information on school-specific exploratory courses, please contact your school. Students who participate in AVID or the year-long Spanish program will not participate in the exploratory courses.



    Middle school health instruction enhances student ability to understand how to use the decision-making process and apply it to their personal health and safety. Topics include general wellness, personal health, nutrition, fitness, growth development, anti-tobacco/drug/alcohol, mental health, social health, conflict resolution, human life cycle, reproduction, and disease.



    Middle school math instruction focuses on ratios, proportions, algebra readiness, statistics, geometry, and the number system. Students engage in hands-on activities in order to master fractions, ratios and rates, and use expressions and equations to develop statistical understanding. Students will learn to reason mathematically explain their thinking, and justify their answers.



    Middle school music instruction allows students to elect to participate in band, chorus, and/or orchestra. Through performance-based learning, students actively engage in the process of creating music and improving their musicianship while studying many genres and styles of music from all around the world. Students respond to music through class discussion and written assignments and make connections to music in their own lives and in society. Students apply all aspects of the learning process by participating in several meaningful performance opportunities throughout the school year.


    Physical Education

    Middle school physical education instruction requires students to apply motor and control skills in order to understand gameplay rules, tactics and strategies that enhance physical well-being and prepare students to live a lifetime of physical wellness.  Focus will include, but is not limited to, team sports, individual sports and fitness activities incorporating cardiovascular and muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.



    Middle school science instruction engages students to further develop their investigation and inquiry skills. Students will encounter more rigorous phenomenon as they develop skills in the areas of life science, earth and space science, physical science, engineering, and technology. Through experiences linked to the Next Generation Science Standards, activities focus on explaining phenomenon and designing solutions to problems students will strengthen their understanding of science.  


    Social Studies

    Middle school social studies instruction exposes students to the ancient world and the history of the United States. Through these topics, students will engage experiential learning in concepts related to history, geography, civics, and economics. Additionally, students will develop research skills that will enable them to address a questions by finding, evaluating, and using sources to develop and communicate a claim.


    World Language

    Middle school world language instruction enables students to take two years of spanish based upon eligibility. In seventh grade, students take an introductory course to establish baseline knowledge in the language. The eighth grade course is equivalent to Spanish 1 at the high school. Those who complete the course with passing grades will earn 1.0 credit hours on their high school transcript and be eligible to take Spanish 2 as freshmen.