High School Illinois PaCE Framework

  • The Illinois PaCE Framework was developed with extensive input gathered from stakeholders and subject matter experts to provide guidance to students, families, and educators on what types of experiences and information a student should have in order to make the most informed decisions about college and career planning, beginning in 8th grade and continuing through high school. The framework was recently extended by statute to begin in 6th grade. The framework is organized around three key areas:

    • Career Exploration and Development
    • Postsecondary Education Exploration, Preparation, and Selection
    • Financial Aid and Literacy

    It is recognized that high schools and communities provide a broad array of college and career readiness activities for students, but they are not always documented and/or connected to other initiatives within a school, district, or community. The intent of the PaCE Framework is for it to be an organizing tool to help acknowledge and connect areas of success and identify those that may need additional attention or resources.


    To download the High School Illinois PaCE Framework as a PDF, click here.