FAFSA Graduation Requirement

  • On June 1, 2020 the State of Illinois General Assembly signed a bill into law requiring every student in a public school to file a FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA), or as eligible to complete the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid, or complete the FAFSA Non Participation Form in order to graduate high school. 

    All students graduating from a D300 high school are required to comply with this requirement. Senior students and their parents are able to submit the FAFSA starting October 1 using the website www.fafsa.gov.

    Students who are undocumented and do not have a social security number or for students who are transgender may use the Alternative Application for Illinois State Aid at www.isac.org/AlternativeApp.

    Any students not wanting to complete the FAFSA will need to submit the FAFSA non participation form to their school counselor by May 1 of the year they graduate. The waiver form is available from your school counselor and is in both English and Spanish.  

    Information on FAFSA Graduation Requirement from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (www.isac.org

    Making FAFSA completion part of an expectation for high school graduation can increase the number of students who are aware of the resources available to help them afford education or training after high school. This information can also help some students decide to attempt college when they might not otherwise have done so, and it may help some students limit student loan debt and take a fuller course load to more quickly complete a degree or credential.