Social Studies
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      In alignment to District 300’s central mission, to ensure all students are college and career ready upon graduation, students who graduate from our schools will be able to use social studies skills to understand the world around them, critically examine sources to develop a claim, participate in civil conversations about topics, and become active participants in their nation and community.


      Elementary School

      Students will develop general skills in social studies by exploring the community around them in kindergarten through second grade and explore their nation in grades three through five. Students will learn to interpret maps, examine sources, and will be exposed to concepts in history, geography, civics, and economics through experiences in the social sciences. Social studies instruction will also help support literacy skills through critical reading and writing instruction.


      Middle School

      Students will be exposed to the Ancient World (sixth Grade) and the history of the United States (seventh and eight grade). Through these topics, students will continue to be exposed to skills and concepts in history, geography, civics, and economics through experiential learning. Additionally, students will develop research skills that will enable them to address a questions by finding, evaluating and using sources to develop and communicate a claim.


      High School

      Students will continue to explore history, geography, civics and economics through required courses and a variety of electives available to students. Students will develop the skills to develop their own research topics and communicate their findings to the larger community. Students will learn to become critical consumers of information and active members of their society.  

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     Director of Social Studies

    and World Languages


    Kurt Rohlwing