Cabinet Making and Millwork (DCHS/HHS Only)

  • Woods and Production Tech. I

    • Woods and Production Technology I (IND7971)  
    • Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 units  
    • Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12 
    • Other Info: DCHS and HHS only 

    Description: Woods I is a basic introduction to the construction and manufacture of wood products. Students will learn about tool and laboratory safety, construction materials and fasteners, production planning and evaluation, safe hand and machine tool set-up and application, project component construction, assembly and finishing methods and techniques, basic manufacturing systems, and career exploration.

    Woods and Production Tech. II

    • Woods and Production Technology II (IND7972) 
    • Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 units 
    • Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12 
    • Prerequisite: Woods and Production Technology I 
    • Other Info: DCHS and HHS only 

    Description: Woods II is an exploration of the art and technology of fine cabinetmaking. Students will select, design, construct, and finish wood furniture and cabinetry projects. Students will also learn about more advanced and complex machine tool set-up, safety and applications, materials and fasteners unique to furniture and cabinet construction, detailed project planning and evaluation, furniture and cabinet related component construction, project assembly, advanced finishing methods and techniques, and career exploration.

    Woods and Production Tech. III

    • Woods and Production Technology III (IND7973) 
    • Length/Credit: 1 semester/1.0 unit (this course is scheduled as a double period for one semester) 
    • Grade: 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Woods and Production Technology II 
    • Other Info: DCHS and HHS only 

    Description: This course offers a planned sequence of learning experiences which provide students with the opportunities to develop competencies needed for employment in a variety of manufacturing-related occupations. This course introduces the theory and application of manufacturing and management systems and technology as they relate to commercial production and custom work. Students will participate in various lab experiences and activities to gain knowledge and competencies that readily transfer to a variety of industrial manufacturing fields. Topics covered in this course include applying machine tool and lab safety practices, enterprise development and management, record keeping, customer needs and product design, manufacturing systems design, production planning, industrial materials selection, inventory and handling, hand and machine tool processes, and applications for separating, forming and combining materials, precision measurement, mass production techniques practices and processes, and advanced product finishing techniques.


    • District 300 Internship Program (BUS6869/BUS6870) 
    • Length/Credit: May be taken for 1 semester/1.0 unit or 2 semesters/2.0 units (each semester is scheduled as a double period, may also be combined with early release in order to provide robust internship experience). 
    • Grade: 11, 12 Prerequisite: 2.5 unweighted GPA (cumulative) 
    • Other Info: An application and interview are required prior to enrollment in the program for the following school year.

    Description: The District 300 Internship Program is a partnership between the high schools and the industrial, business, professional, and service communities of the Fox Valley area. The program provides students with an opportunity for hands-on career exploration allowing them to observe daily operations, dialogue with personnel, and gain an understanding about how a particular job/career functions within a total system. Interns receive credit per semester per district guidelines. Interns are not paid and devote a total of 55 to 65 hours over a semester to their internship (ten hours are spent doing career related course work with the program coordinator). An application and interview are required prior to enrollment in the program for the following school year.