• Small Gas Engines

    • Small Gas Engines (IND7907)
    • Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 units 
    • Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

    Description: Small engine repair is an instructional program that prepares individuals to troubleshoot, service, and repair a variety of small internal combustion engines, involving both two and four cycle engines used on portable power equipment. Planned activities will allow students to become knowledgeable of fundamental principles and technical skills related to troubleshooting, repairing, identifying parts and making precision measurements. Safety will be a key component of this class. Students will also be exposed to career opportunities related to small engines.

    Automotive Technology I

    • Automotive Technology I (IND7901) 
    • Length/Credit: 1 semester/0.5 units 
    • Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

    Description: Automotive Technology I course emphasizes preventative auto maintenance and general automobile troubleshooting. Course outcomes include routine maintenance and service schedules; and knowledge of mechanical fasteners, automotive related measurements, disc brakes, tires, cooling, electrical, emission, fuel, ignition, steering, suspension, and transmission systems. A strong emphasis will be on shop safety and tool usage. Career exploration opportunities will provide students with information about the automotive industry.

    Automotive Technology II

    • Automotive Technology II (IND7905/IND7906) 
    • Length/Credit: 2 semesters/1 units 
    • Grade: 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Automotive Technology I 

    Description: Automotive Technology II will be an introduction to the operation and maintenance of automobile systems. The parts and operation of each of the following systems will be discussed, followed by hands-on lab activities reinforcing the inspection and basic maintenance each area requires. Systems included are the engine, cooling, lubrication, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical, ignition, fuel and basic computer control. Preventative maintenance and safety is stressed in each unit of instruction. Upon successful completion of Auto II during the spring semester, students may earn dual credit in AUT 152 - Intro to Auto Operation and Maintenance (3 hours).

    Automotive III

    • Automotive Technology III (IND7909/IND7910) 
    • Length/Credit: 2 semesters/2 units (year long)
    • Grade: 11, 12 Prerequisite: Automotive Technology II Industry Credential: Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

    Description: Automotive Technology III will further teach the operation and repair of the automotive engine. Classroom and hands-on experiences will be combined to provide skills in all areas of engine service, including engine disassembly, inspection, measurement, and reassembly. Topics include cylinder head valve guide and seat service, piston and cylinder service, crack detection, and cleaning practices. Upon successful completion of Auto III during the fall semester, students may earn dual credit in AUT 151 - Automotive Engine Service & Repair (7 hours).


    • District 300 Internship Program (BUS6869/BUS6870) 
    • Length/Credit: May be taken for 1 semester/1.0 unit or 2 semesters/2.0 units (each semester is scheduled as a double period, may also be combined with early release in order to provide robust internship experience). 
    • Grade: 11, 12 
    • Prerequisite: 2.5 unweighted GPA (cumulative) Other Info: An application and interview are required prior to enrollment in the program for the following school year.

    Description: The District 300 Internship Program is a partnership between the high schools and the industrial, business, professional and service communities of the Fox Valley area. The program provides students with an opportunity for hands-on career exploration allowing them to observe daily operations, dialogue with personnel, and gain an understanding about how a particular job/career functions within a total system. Interns receive credit per semester per district guidelines. Interns are not paid and devote a total of 55 to 65 hours over a semester to their internship (ten hours are spent doing career related coursework with the program coordinator). An application and interview are required prior to enrollment in the program for the following school year.