• Intro to Business

    • BUS6812/BUS6813
    • Length/Credit: 2 semesters/1.0 unit
    • Grade: 9, 10 (API approval for 11, 12)
    • Other Info: Meets the Global Economics Graduation Requirement

    Description: In this course, students will survey an array of topics and concepts related to the field of business. Students will become acquainted with an overview of the American economic system, forms of business organization, small business ownership, human resources, marketing, and management. Topics also include banking, finance, the role of government in business, consumerism, credit/investment, and management. The course will also expose students to the varied opportunities in business, accounting, management, and related career fields. Lastly, get the information you need to buy and insure a car, obtain credit, save and invest your money, and manage a checking account.

    Accounting I

    • BUS6824/BUS6825
    • Length/Credit: 2 semesters/1.0 unit
    • Grade: 10, 11, 12

    Description: Students will develop skills beginning with an understanding of the basic elements and concepts of double-entry accounting systems. Skills will include knowledge of the accounting cycle, entering transactions in journals, posting to ledgers, compiling end-of- period worksheets, adjusting and payroll systems, and writing communication examples.

    Accounting II

    • BUS6827/BUS6828
    • ​Length/Credit: 2 semesters/1.0 unit
    • Grade: 11, 12

    Prerequisite: Accounting I Description: Students will analyze transactions involving departmental purchases, sales, cash receipts, and payments. Students will learn different methods of reporting prepaid and accrued expenses and income. Students will complete a simulation on partnerships and corporate financial activities. The student is exposed to transactions affecting capital stocks and bonds and corporate financial reports. The student becomes familiar with the basic principles of cost accounting found both in a service and a manufacturing business. The student will also be able to make basic management decisions by analyzing financial statements to determine what financial changes have taken place from one fiscal period to the next.


    • District 300 Internship Program (BUS6869/BUS6870) 
    • Length/Credit: May be taken for 1 semester/1.0 unit or 2 semesters/2.0 units (each semester is scheduled as a double period, may also be combined with early release in order to provide robust internship experience). 
    • Grade: 11, 12 Prerequisite: 2.5 unweighted GPA (cumulative) 
    • Other Info: An application and interview are required prior to enrollment in the program for the following school year.

    Description: The District 300 Internship Program is a partnership between the high schools and the industrial, business, professional and service communities of the Fox Valley area. The program provides students with an opportunity for hands- on career exploration allowing them to observe daily operations, dialogue with personnel, and gain an understanding about how a particular job/career functions within a total system. Interns receive credit per semester per district guidelines. Interns are not paid and devote a total of 55 to 65 hours over a semester to their internship (ten hours are spent doing career related course work with the program coordinator). An application and interview are required prior to enrollment in the program for the following school year.