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Transportation Services

District 300’s Transportation Services Department and Durham School Services work in conjunction with school personnel, district administrators, and parents to provide safe and efficient service to students. The safety and security of your child is our number one priority.

Our 230 buses and vans are dispatched from three facilities which are based in Algonquin, Carpentersville, and Hampshire. Each school day we transport more than 16,000 students to over 50 different schools – including those outside of District 300 for out-placed students. Our drivers travel over 300,000 miles each month.

We are proud of the fact that we have retained many of the same drivers, dispatchers and routers over the years. This is a testament to the dedication that the transportation staff has to the students of District 300.



Students eligible for transportation include:

  • Students residing more than 1½ miles from their school
  • Students having special needs with legal Individualized Education Plan (IEP) requirements
  • Students who live in an area deemed hazardous by the Illinois Department of Transportation

Students NOT eligible for transportation include:

  • Students residing in the area up to 1½ miles from the school and who do not meet the exception criteria

    Contact Information

The volume of phone calls received by our office around the start of school exceeds the number of calls received throughout the entire school year. We do our very best to answer your call during that time and appreciate your patience.

Though either facilitiy can assist you, directing your call to the appropriate facility is recommended.

  • For route numbers beginning with the number 1 call the Carpentersville facility 847-426-1975

  • For route numbers beginning with the number 2 call the Algonquin facility 847-658-3262

Bus Routes and Stops

  • Postcards with routing information will be mailed to homes one week before the start of school. You can also find bus route information specific to your child by following the link in ParentPortal one week before school starts. 

  • All students should be at their assigned stop 5 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up. Bus schedules allow 1 minute at each stop for boarding of children with the following exceptions; 2 minutes for a child in a car seat, booster seat or safety vest; and 5 minutes for a child in a wheel chair.

  • Route numbers are displayed in the window of the bus. Route numbers are consistent; bus numbers are not. Children should identify their bus by the route number not the bus number.

  • Drivers will not return to bus stops or schools for children that have missed their bus. Transportation to and from school for children who have missed their bus becomes the parent/guardian’s responsibility.

    Bus Stops

    Bus stops remain consistent, much like a public transit system, pending new development or completion of construction.  Careful analysis of speed limits, volume of traffic, accessibility and density of population are just some of the criteria used when evaluating bus stops.  Due to the size of the district and the number of students transported, we no longer have the luxury of accommodating personal circumstance or convenience of individuals. Every effort is made to not place bus stops at the address of a known sex offender, or gang and drug houses. Bus stops are not assigned in parking lots or at commercial locations.  Bus stops can be the following distance from residence:  Elementary- 2640’, MS/HS – 3446’ (for point of reference, 1 mile=5280’)

     Multiple Bus Stops

    Students are allowed one pick-up location and one drop-off location within the school attendance boundary.  The pick-up can be different from the drop-off address but must meet eligibility criteria.

    Bus Tracker App

    Parents are able to track the location of their child's bus using the Durham Bus Tracker. Download the free app at

    You will be asked to enter a state and location. The location is Carpentersville. You will then create a secure user name and password. You must enter your student's ID number and last name EXACTLY as it is entered in our student database. Questions regarding the app should be sent to

Weather Conditions/Late Buses

Please do not call transportation to find out whether District 300 schools are closed due to weather. Instead, please check the home page of the District 300 website,, after 6 a.m. to see if there is an announcement. Or you may visit after 6 a.m. for school closings, or call 847.551.8300 after 6 a.m.

On bad weather days our drivers first and foremost concern is the safety of our students. Your patience is appreciated.

Severe weather conditions impact travel times. It is generally impossible to predict the exact time for which a bus will be delayed. Just as when you are caught in traffic, you hope the delay will be only minutes but that may not always be the case.


New Students/Address Changes

Address information is maintained by your child’s school. Please let your school’s secretary know if your address will change at least two weeks prior to the change.


Students Not Riding the Bus (Non-Riders)

Your child’s bus stop will be removed from the route after three consecutive days of your child not riding (assuming he/she is the only child at the stop).  Absences exceeding three consecutive days should be reported to dispatch at the appropriate transportation facility (Algonquin or Carpentersville).  One day notice is required to reinstate the bus stop.


Special Equipment

Special equipment is provided by District 300 for students if required by the IEP (Individualized Education Plan). Children requiring special equipment will not be allowed to ride without the proper equipment. Equipment such as safety vests remain with the student. Parents are responsible for the loss of such equipment.


Audio/Video Cameras

Audio/video cameras are utilized on buses to monitor behavior.

Bus Conduct Notice

Violation of any of the bus rules will result in the driver/monitor documenting and reporting the behavior to school administration.  Consequences result in conference with student and parent/guardian; detention and even loss of bus service.


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