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The Leadership Develop Pipeline is now accepting applications for the Aspiring Administrator Program (AAP): a professional development program providing applicants with opportunities to develop their leadership capacity and prepare them for various leadership roles within District 300. Learn more by clicking here. 

District 300 is celebrating "School Board Member Day," by thanking the members of our Board of Education. 

Jacobs High School's Industrial Technology Department also wins Program of the Year! 

Click here to learn about the great things occurring in the Jacobs High School Special Olympics Program.

Watch the outstanding work occurring in Ms. Bichler's classroom by clicking here. 


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The State of Illinois has declared November 15, 2014, School Board Member Day. District 300 would like to thank our board members for their dedication and contributions to our district, our schools, and our students.

Illinois school board members serve their communities without monetary compensation. It is a board member’s passion for public education that drives his or her tireless dedication.

District 300 board members adopt, enforce, and monitor all policies for management and governance of our annual budget, our schools, and our students. The responsibilities of school board members become greater and greater every year as they work tirelessly to ensure all District 300 students are college or career ready upon gradation.

Please join District 300 in extending a sincere thank you to the members of our Board of Education:

Mrs. Anne Miller, President

Mr. Joseph Stevens, Vice President

Mr. David Alessio, Secretary

Mrs. Kathleen...

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