DCHS Facts at a Glance

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  • Mission Statement

    Dundee-Crown High School is directly aligned to District 300’s central mission: to ensure all students are college or career ready upon graduation.


    The School and the Community

    Dundee-Crown is located in Carpentersville, Illinois, a northwest Chicago suburb in northern Kane County. Our school is approximately 6 miles south of the Interstate 90 and Route 25. Carpentersville has a population of 38,921 according to the United States Census.

    Dundee-Crown serves 2,578 students from the communities of Carpentersville, Algonquin, East Dundee, West Dundee, Sleepy Hollow, southwest Cary, southwest Fox River Grove, and western Barrington Hills. Our primary feeder pattern schools include Carpentersville Middle School in Carpentersville, Dundee Middle School in West Dundee, and Algonquin Middle School in Algonquin. We celebrate our diverse student population:

    Total Enrollment: 2,578

    • Caucasian: 24.86%
    • African American: 5.04%
    • Hispanic: 65.05%
    • Asian: 2.37%
    • American Indian: 0.16%
    • Pacific Islander: 0.16%
    • 2+ races: 2.33%
    • Low Income: 42.13%
    • Disabilities: 14.10%
    • English Learners: 20.30%
    • Homeless:1.27%

    Dundee-Crown is part of District 300, the 6th largest school district in Illinois based on student enrollment. District 300 serves over 23,000 students and covers 118 square miles in northern Illinois. The district includes 15 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 3 high schools, 1 kindergarten through 8th grade school, 1 early childhood center, and 1 alternative school.


    School Administration

    Katie Wishowski, Principal

    Jake Stouffer, Associate Principal

    Dr. Asia Gurney, Associate Principal


    Fast Facts

    • 840 students earned early college credit*
    • 645 graduates*
    • 93% graduation rate
    • $2.6 million scholarship money earned*

    *Class of 2021

AP Testing for 2020-2021

SAT Data - Class of 2021

  • Post-Secondary Education
    56% of Dundee-Crown graduates were enrolled in post-secondary education within 16 months of graduation.


    Graduation Requirements

    District 300 requires 26 credits for graduation.

    • English: Eight Semesters (4.0 credits)
    • Social Science: Six Semesters (3.0 credits)
    • Math: Six Semesters (3.0 credits)
    • Science: Four Semesters (2.0 credits)
    • Health: One Semester (0.5 credits)
    • Physical Education: Seven Semesters (3.5 credits)
    • Drivers Ed-Classroom: One Semester (0.5 credits)
    • Elective Classes: (9.5 credits)

    Strand 1 - Art, Foreign Language, Music (1.0 credit)

    Strand 2 - English, Math, Science, Social Science (1.0 credit)

    Strand 3 - Business, Family and Consumer Science, Industrial Technology (1.0 credit)


    Grading System

    A student’s grade point average (GPA) is reported in two different ways on his/her transcript: weighted and non-weighted. The weighted GPA is calculated on a 6.5-point scale that is based on the level of each course. The non-weighted GPA is calculated on a 4-point scale and gives equal grade points to every course regardless of level.

    All classes taken for a grade will count toward a student’s GPA. In a Pass/Fail course, a passing grade does not affect a student’s GPA; however, a failing grade will be figured into the student’s total GPA with a weight of zero.

Weighted Scale (Out of 6.5)

Non-Weighted Scale (Out of 4.0)

  • Innovative Programs

    Advanced Placement (AP)
    Dundee-Crown High School offers Advanced Placement courses in English Language, English Literature, U.S. Government, U.S. History, Macro Economics, Psychology, Calculus A/B, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Computer Science A, Spanish Language, and Culture and Music Theory.

    AVID is a college preparatory program that empowers students to succeed in a rigorous academic curriculum. The AVID curriculum includes instruction in study skills, organizational skills, communication skills, writing, test-taking strategies, personal development, and team-building.


    Dual Credit Opportunities

    Dual Credit classes provide students with the opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and tuition-free college credits. Dual Credit opportunities at Dundee-Crown High School include:

    Accelerate College:
    Dual credit Accelerated College Program provides qualified students the opportunity to attend Elgin Community College full-time during junior and senior year. To participate in this program, students must pass college placement tests and demonstrate a history of academic success. Students complete courses totaling 12-16 credit hours each semester that contribute to a Science, Applied Science in BNA Nursing, or Art Associates Degree.

    Middle College:
    Seniors in the top 10% of their class can earn both high school and college credit at the same time by taking Elgin Community College courses.

    Tech Prep Program:
    Tech Prep is “college prep” with a focus on career and technical programs. District 300 and Elgin Community College have a partnership to allow seniors to earn both high school and college credit. Students in this program attend ECC part-time during their senior year.


    Pathways to College and Career

    The District 300 Pathways Program offers students unique pathways to college and career success. Completion of a pathway way will provide student with real world experience to thrive in college classrooms and compete for 21st century careers.

    Dundee-Crown High School offers the following pathways:

    Electric Technology:
    Students prepare for a career field that includes electricians, electrical engineers, and field service technicians while learning the fundamentals of electricity.

    Early Childhood Education and Development:
    Students learn techniques for working with newborn to nine-year old children as they prepare for a career as an early childhood teacher or daycare provider.

    Elementary and Secondary Education:
    Students will also develop teaching objectives, design lesson plans, and experience teaching in a controlled environment as they prepare for a career field that includes elementary, middle, and high school teachers, counselors, and administrators.

    Students become acquainted with forms of business organization, small business ownership, human resources, marketing, and management while preparing for a career field that includes account executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.’

    Students develop a strong foundation in criminal justice, social justice, and law while establishing a background in legal and social principles and preparing for a career field that includes lawyers and paralegals.

    STEM and Engineering:
    Students develop essential drafting techniques with computer-aided drafting (CAD) and image duplication while preparing for a career field that includes aerospace engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and robotics engineers.

    Click here to learn more about District 300’s Pathway Programs.