D-C Fights the Stigma Mental Health Campaign

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Mental Health Support: D-C FIghts the Stigma

  • D-C Fights the Stigma is Dundee-Crown's mental health campaign, but it is more than that. The goals of D-C Fights the Stigma inform everything that we do at Dundee-Crown. As a campaign, we aim to:                                         

    1. Increase awareness and educate students and staff about mental health and mental illness. Mental health is an aspect of physical health.
    2. Destigmatize mental health issues; emphasizing that depression and anxiety are experienced by most if not all people at one time or another. To struggle is to be human.
    3. Destigmatize help-seeking behaviors. Some statistics suggest that 80% of affected teens will not seek help when it is needed for fear of being labeled as weak.
    4. Increase EMPATHY through story-telling. Story-telling is both healing and revealing to others, fostering compassion.
    5. Emphasize that we all need to actively practice mental health-promoting behaviors; mental health CAN NOT be maintained or promoted passively.

    D-C Fights the Stigma has a PowerSchool Page - accessible to all D300 students and families - with all of the information below and more. 

    Please click here to visit the D-C Fights the Stigma Schoology page.