Clubs and Activities


    ADELANTE is a club for students to explore their cultural identity and embrace their language.

    ADELANTE es un club que anima a los estudiantes a explorar su identidad cultura. Tenemos las juntas en espanol para que los estudiantes quien son nuevos a este pais pueden tener oportunidad para involucrar sin barreras.

    Sponsor: Diana Mondragon


    Anime Club

    Anime Club is a club that welcomes those who want to explore the works of animation and those who are curious about the culture in Japan. Our club activities range from watching animated videos to large group activities. We have gone on Saturday field trips to places such as Mitsuwa marketplace, where we study the social and cultural differences of cuisine. Japanese animation also provides us with opportunities to play games and learn about each other. All are welcome to attend at any point in the year to meet new people or see what surprises we have in store.

    Sponsor: Angela Miller


    Art Club

    Art Club - A great way to meet people and have fun exploring your creative side. We do various creative activities that involve collaborative art projects like murals and totem poles in the school and community art projects like face painting at events. We also get together for holiday parties and do small crafts.

    Sponsor: Todd White


    Autos Club

    We perform general maintenance of students vehicles, bikes, skateboards, go carts, etc... Students will learn how to use tools, equipment, and procedures of repairing all things transportation.

    Sponsor: Daniel Lentino


    AVID Club

    Avid club is a social club for AVID students where we reinforce skills and the ideals that are taught in the AVID elective. We complete community service hours as a club and give students an outlet to meet new people and participate in various activities.

    Sponsor: Stephanie Hasapis


    Beta Club

    Beta Club is an organization where students learn the importance of giving back to our community. In this group we look for opportunities to better our community and give back to the less fortunate.

    Sponsor: Greg Mason

    Sponsor: Laura Meredith


    Construction Club

    The Dundee-Crown Construction Club provides an opportunity for students interested in woodworking to use the wood shop. Students are able to use the equipment to make projects including coat racks, wooden pens, lamps and much more!


    Drama Club

    The Dundee-Crown Drama is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in musicals, plays, improv, technical theater, acting, and live performances! We meet every week in order to play games, rehearse scenes, participate in outreach performances, travel to the Illinois High School Theater Festival, and see professional shows!

    Sponsor: Andrew Bero


    Girl Up

    Girl Up is a national club that is part of the United Nations. The mission of this club is to empower young people by helping to raise money for girls in third world countries receive a quality education. The club is open to anyone who wants to help make a difference. Our focus is fundraising for Girl Up and we have events such as: The Charger Treat Halloween Event, bake sales, yoga in the park, and our annual Gala.

    Sponsor: Alicia Klein



    LGBT+ Club provides support for all students who identify with the community or are questioning their own identity. All perspectives are welcome to add to the conversation as we explore what it truly means to navigate through social issues. This club is completely student-led—students are given the opportunity to dictate all expectations, guest speakers, field trips, and conversations that are core to the group. Confidential is expected from and for all.

    Sponsor: Angela Miller


    Literary Arts

    The Literary Arts Magazine invites students to publish a book of student-created artwork of all mediums. Students submit their artwork and members of the club will review, edit, and insert it into our yearly magazine. This magazine is an opportunity for high school aged students to become published artists. Club members get hands-on experience working as a publishing team in order to design, market, fund, distribute, and celebrate our magazine! To celebrate the release of the book and the accomplishment of our featured artists, there will be a yearly launch party where artists and art-lovers are welcome to join us in celebrating the occasion!

    Sponsor: Sydney Osborn


    National Honors Society

    National Honor Society is an honorary service organization for juniors and seniors who have an unweighted 3.5 GPA and who meet the criteria outlined in the application including demonstrating leadership skills, service to the community and school, and teacher recommendations. According to the national organization's goals, NHS hopes "to recognize and encourage academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy." Once selected, the organization meets on a regular basis and is involved in numerous school and community activities.

    Sponsor: Corinne Allison

    Sponsor: Rebecca Nolte


    Poetry Club

    Souls Spill Ink is a club for dreamers. Those that love to write songs, comedy routines, raps, poems, and stories. Souls Spill Ink provides students a space to learn more about writing. We work on all forms of literary art and provide opportunities for everyone to show their skills. Activities include: open mics, editing circles, free field trips, group performances, competitions, contests, writing tricks/tips, and so much more. All students are welcome to join!

    Sponsor: Angela Miller


    Relay For Life

    Relay For Life planning committee is a group that organizes logistics for the Relay For Life event of D300. Relay For Life is a walk that raises money for cancer. Student committee meets to plan activities for the event, work to get students registered, and help raise money before the event.

    Sponsor: Lindsey Mathisen


    Rotary Interact

    The Dundee Crown Rotary Interact Club brings together students to help develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Interact members build valuable relationships in our school as well as our community. For anyone looking to build skills and connections that will help create success in the future, this is the place to be!


    SALT (Student Athletic Leadership Team)

    SALT is comprised of athletes from each team, chosen by their coaches, to represent their program as leaders. SALT meets to learn about leadership and develop leadership skills through participation in workshops and conferences.

    Sponsor: Steve Gertz


    Scholastic Bowl

    Scholastic Bowl is our academic trivia team. Students compete as a group of 5 against other teams to answer questions from all major academic categories, and even some pop culture questions. At the end of the match, the team with the most correct answers wins.

    Sponsor: Scott McNees


    Strategy Game Club

    Strategy Game Club provides a place for students to play various games with peers.

    Sponsor: Mike Block

    Sponsor: Scott McNees


    Student Congress - Debate

    District 300 has a proud tradition of debate. District 300 was a founding member of the Illinois Congressional Debaters Association which got its start over 20 years ago. The debate season runs from August to March and over 400 debaters compete at monthly tournaments. In addition to monthly tournaments, team members may have the chance to participate in the Illinois High School Association State Debate Tournament held in Springfield, Illinois, and have the opportunity to participate in a special qualifying tournament for the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament which is held annually at various locations around the country.

    Sponsor: Richa Patel


    Student Council

    Student council serves as an active way to be involved with school activities and serving the community. By joining student council, Dundee-Crown students’ voices and opinions are recognized and acted upon. If any student would like to have input on school activities, such as homecoming, then student council demonstrates itself to serve as the perfect place for students. In addition, student council serves the local community via food drives, clothing collections, and much more. Not only can students be a part of something, but leadership roles are another major component of student council. If students enjoy leading others, then student council would serve as a great fit. Ultimately, by joining student council, students collaborate and act upon their own ideas and opinions while giving back to Dundee-Crown High School and the local community.


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