Counseling Office

  • All District 300 high schools are staffed with Illinois State Board of Education certified, professional school counselors who are available to support each student in the school. District 300 school counselors are excellent resources for students in the areas of academic, social/emotional, and career and vocational planning. Students wanting to speak with their school counselor should make an appointment or communicate via email.

    District 300 school counselors work with students either individually or in group settings throughout the day. Some of the services school counselors provide include:

    • help with home, school or social concerns,
    • course planning and academic success,
    • post-high school planning and options,
    • college and career planning,
    • military entrance requirements and transition,
    • study help,
    • yearly course selection and grade level transition, and
    • homebound hospitalization services point person.
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Jeffrey Davis
Danielle Herrndobler
Allison Hoglund
Olivia Ishak
Alexia Policht
Vincent Rotondi
Joshua Symbal
Diana Winton