Clubs and Activities

    • Academic Challenge (ACES)

      The Jacobs Academic Challenge Club is an academic team comprised of 14 students chosen by teacher recommendation. Top students in honors or AP classes take tests at competition sites at the regional, sectional, and state level. The subject areas include Biology, Chemistry, Computers, English, Engineering Graphics, Math, and Physics. The team is formed in October, and tests are given in February, March, and April.  

      Sponsor: Phil Timm

      Sponsor: Renita Rasmus


      Art Club

      Art Club is a student-run organization that seeks to provide members with studio time, projects, activities, and community service all in relationship to art. Art Club supplies students with an open environment to continue to learn about, experience, and appreciate art as well and build positive peer relationships with others interested in visual art.  

      Sponsor: Kristen Hilton


      Bass Choir

      This choir is just for Tenors and Basses that love to sing! Come on by!

      Sponsor: Jennifer Parker


      Black Youth Alliance

      This club provides our Black students a safe place to come together, be themselves, and learn about Black culture and history. This is done among our Jacobs community and through outside speakers. We will talk about current issues and events and work through any feelings that come up. Finally, this club is an environment that builds friendship and community among other Black students.

      A note to any White students and students of color who would like to attend:

      We welcome you with open arms and ask that come in with an open mind. Please realize YOUR importance in helping end racism and prejudice by knowing and understanding what it means to be an true to your Black friends and families.

      Sponsor: Jeff Krepel


      Book Club

      The High School Book Club will meet virtually once a month. Our list of books comes from the Read for a Lifetime program presented by the Illinois Secretary of State's office and the Illinois Center of the Book. The choices are listed on the "schedule" tab of the book club PowerSchool Learning page. Join us for our first meeting on Wednesday, September 23 where we will be choosing our first book!

      Sponsor: Allison Lichtenheld


      Chess Club

      Chess Club provides a fun and welcoming environment where students learn about and play chess. All skill levels are welcome, including novices! We continue to add new activities to our club, providing leadership opportunities and ways to engage our community in the strategic and stimulating game of chess!

      Sponsor: Lora Springings



      Harry D. Jacobs High School has a proud tradition of debate. Jacobs was a founding member of the Illinois Congressional Debaters Association which got its start over 25 years ago. The debate season runs from August to March and over 500 debaters compete at monthly tournaments. In addition to monthly tournaments, team members may have the chance to participate in the Illinois High School Association State Debate Tournament held in Springfield, Illinois, and have the opportunity to participate in a special qualifying tournament for the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament which is held annually at various locations around the country. During the month leading up to each tournament, debate team members meet weekly to write a current event bill (topic), review the bills, research the topics, practice speaking, and discuss tournament strategy. At the tournament, team members participate in a simulated Congress chamber of approximately 20-25 people by delivering persuasive PRO or CON speeches and by asking and answering questions. The speeches and questions are scored by judges and individual and team awards are given at the end of each tournament. While informative, no words can truly describe the experience of being part of the Jacobs High School Debate Team. Please visit for more information.

      Sponsor: Ryan Andersen


      Drama Club

      Drama Club meetings consist of theatre and improv games, learning about theatre, and hanging out with other students. It provides a safe space to be yourself, watch others perform, and even get up onstage yourself if you would like. You will learn about acting and auditioning, improvisation games, technical theatre, and anything else theatre related.

      Sponsor: Adam Stromberg


      Eagle Minds Matter

      Eagle Minds Matter focuses on ending the stigma/discrimination surrounding mental health and bringing awareness to mental health culture in schools and communities. Through group activities, the club encourages students at Jacobs to seek help when needed and promotes social connectedness and the development of healthy habits. The club, which began in 2019 and has grown to over 50 members, also raises money for national/global mental health education and research and participates in community volunteering events. This club is open to anyone interested in learning about mental wellness and healthcare, giving back, and having fun.

      Sponsor: Conrad Rogers


      Film Club

      The purpose of Film Club is to bring students together that appreciate the artform of film. Students will view and discuss movies that are to be determined by the club.

      Sponsor: Ryan Anderson


      Film Production Club

      This club is for students interested in film production. The overarching goal for this club is to create student short films with a runtime of around 5 - 15 mins. Meetings would consist of the pre-production (writing, table reads) and the production stages (filming, technical) of filmmaking over the course of a few months. Post-production aspects such as editing would be done outside of meetings. It's for anyone who loves collaborating with others and loves producing quality work!

      Sponsor: Katelyn Stanley


      French Club

      French Club is a service organization that celebrates and shows appreciation for the French language and culture through planned social events and community service projects.

      Sponsor: TBD


      Future Healthcare Leaders

      The Future Healthcare Leaders Club strives to provide information to students about what it is like to work in various areas of the medical field. We invite speakers to discuss the roles they play in the field as well as participate in volunteer projects and labs.

      Sponsor: Conrad Rogers


      Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

      The Gender & Sexuality Alliance is a safe space for LGBTQ+ and allies to meet and discuss current events, learn about past events and successors of the LGBTQ movement, and make lasting friendships. This year we will continue to discuss issues impacting LGBTQ students in school, dynamics of relationships, coming out, gender fluidity, and any other topic students bring to the table. If you are interested, all I ask is that you come in with an open mind and open heart and celebrate our diversity.

      Sponsor: Jeff Krepel


      German Club

      German Club is a community service club. We do a lot of fun and cultural activities (e.g. caroling, Oktoberfest, German restaurant...). The best part of German Club is that you do not need to speak the language! Just come and learn more about the German culture.​

      Sponsor: Mireia Cabrera-Colomer


      Graphic Design Club

      Members of the Graphic Design Club will discover and express their personal voice by designing posters, logos, and graphics. Through small projects, club members will explore essential topics such as color theory, typography, and design fundamentals, as well as specific areas like the logo creation process.

      Sponsor: Brad Unterberger


      Green Eagles

      We strive to make the world a greener, more eco-friendly and eco-conscious place, starting with our school.  Our mission is to spread green ideas and practices not only to our school, but to the surrounding community. 

      Sponsor: Caitlin Brown 

      Sponsor: Michael Vroman  

      Sponsor: Lora Sprigings


      Illinois Science Olympiad

      Illinois Science Olympiad is a science-based competition club. Similar to math team, ISO has a lot of different events at a single meet, allowing students to compete in topics like Thermodynamics, Anatomy, Chemistry, Forensics, and many more. The events range from being multiple choice and free response tests to actual build events, like building a tower, a robot arm, or a mousetrap powered car.

      Sponsor: Chris Keller



      Interact is a Rotary-sponsored club that helps students get more involved with the community. It allows students to get community service hours by participating in events sponsored by Interact within the community.

      Sponsor: Kim Barone

      Sponsor: Jeff Davis


      Key Club

      Key Club is a student-led service organization focused on helping young people! We have a board composed of Jacobs students. They run the meetings and work with the rest of our members to plan service activities that are fun and helpful.

      Sponsor: Marge Barilich


      Knitting Club

      The mission of Knitting Club is to "give away everything we produce, and to make the world a warmer place"---scarves to the homeless; hats to chemo patients; blankets to neonatal hospital units and retirement communities. The club supplies beginners with yarn and knitting needles. Come join us in serving the HDJ and surrounding communities.

      Sponsor: Beth Biallas


      Marching Band

      The Golden Eagle Marching Band is a competitive performance ensemble that performs at all home football games, local parades and 4-5 competitions throughout the fall season. The band has won over 35 awards since becoming competitive back in 2011. The band is open to any student musicians who are also enrolled in a curricular ensemble within the Jacobs Music Department with the exception piano players and color guard members.

      Sponsor: Anthony Gnutek


      Math Team

      Math team is a math-based competitive club. Members can compete in a variety of individual tests including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus. In addition to the individual tests, members can compete in team competitions including the Freshman/Sophomore 2 person team or Junior/Senior 2 person team which is a relay event with questions posted on a Smartboard or overhead and additional points awarded for answering in the shortest amount of time. Team competitions also include a Freshman/Sophomore and Junior/Senior 8 person competition where teams consist of 8 people working on 20 different math questions together without the use of calculators and a calculator team which consists of 5 members working on problems that only require the calculator. We compete in the conference competition in January and the regional competition in February where members can qualify for the state competition in May.

      Sponsor: Megan Placko

      Sponsor: Amy Aichinger

      Sponsor: Betsy Schlimgen


      Model UN

      Simulates the proceedings of the United Nations, including discussing global issues and collaborating to find possible solutions to those problems.

      Sponsor: Conrad Rogers


      Multicultural Club

      The HDJ Multicultural club strives to foster unity through diversity. We do this at our monthly meetings by hosting guest speakers, playing games, and having fun! All are welcome to join and learn about how diversity makes our community stronger.

      Sponsor: Katie Vidal


      National Honors Society

      Recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Potential members are selected for membership in NHS as sophomores or juniors so that they are members during junior and/or senior years. Members must maintain high academic standards, character, leadership, and participate in community service.

      Sponsor: Leigh Adler 

      Sponsor: Lexi Policht


      Newspaper - The Talon

      The Talon editors work together to create HDJ's school newspaper. The job of a Talon editor is to write articles for the newspaper, review articles from the Journalism classes, take pictures at school events, and develop the layout of each issue of the Talon.  

      Sponsor: Kellie Gaspers


      Peer Mediation

      Peer Mediation is a conflict resolution program that promotes solving problems in a peaceful manner. Mediation is a communication process in which the people with the problem work together with the assistance of a neutral third party (mediator/mediators) to resolve the problem peaceably. It is open to all students interested in helping peers resolve conflicts. Students learn the steps of the mediation process.

      Sponsor: Kim Barone


      Photography Club

      The Photography Club encourages students to share artistic ideas and creative techniques through photography. This club also helps students improve their photography skills.

      Sponsor:  Madeline Richmond


      Relay For Life

      Relay for Life is a service club that raises money for cancer research. It's a great opportunity to learn about fundraising, and gain some leadership experience to put on your resume. It's also a lot of fun, and a chance to meet some new and different people!

      Sponsor: Kellie Gaspers


      Robotics Club

      Jacobs Robotics Club provides opportunities for students to experience all aspects of robotics engineering. Students design, build, and program robots by using resources in a collaborative, fun, and unique way while meeting new friends.

      Sponsor: Fernando Medina


      Scholastic Bowl

      JV and Varsity level academic competition team of 5 members each. These teams play against other schools in a game similar to any TV game show in which a question is asked and teams must BUZZ in. Points are accumulated for each correct answer for the team. Typically meets in the fall and winter after school on Tuesday nights sometimes till 8 pm.  

      Sponsor: Phil Timm


      Spanish Club

      Spanish Club is a service club that celebrates the culture of Spanish speaking countries. Some of our favorite events include participating in Homecoming, a trip to Ballet Folklorico, celebrating El Día de los Muertos, Christmas caroling, making Valentines, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, planning World Language Week activities, and a trip to a local Mexican restaurant. You do NOT need to speak Spanish to join Spanish Club!!!

      Sponsor: Char Nottolini


      Student Council

      We promote student involvement and school spirit by creating well rounded individuals through teamwork and service to the community. We coordinate Homecoming week, Adopt-A-Family, and Mr. HDJ., along with many other activities. Aside from specific events, we advocate leadership and excellence not only in school, but through the lives we lead. 

      Sponsor Big Council: Bridget Drzik

      Sponsor Big Council: Michele Sanabria

      Sponsor Freshmen Class: Sally Stricker

      Sponsor Sophomore Class: Samantha Bartels 

      Sponsor Junior Class: Kelly Zoellner 

      Sponsor Junior Class: Brittany Swanson

      Sponsor Senior Class: Marge Barilichi


      Student Voices Council

      Student Voices is a political advocacy club that provides a space for respectful dialogue about current events and political topics at the local, state, and national level. The goal of the club is to shape students into informed citizens and encourage civic engagement in the community. All students are welcome to attend!

      Sponsor: Steve Wallace 

      Sponsor: Steve Stuckenberg


      Tri-M Music Honor Society

      Tri-M is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.

      Sponsor: Terry Foster


      Yearbook Club

      Yearbook Club is comprised of yearbook editors and contributing photographers. To become an editor, a student needs to take Yearbook Publications class.

      Sponsor: Tiffany Goodman