• To best keep our students, families and staff safe, Hampshire High School will be implementing the following arrival and dismissal procedures for the 2018-2019 school year. Please review the procedures below before arriving to drop off or pick up students. Additionally, a map has been provided for your reference. Thank you for your support and assistance!


      Morning Arrival

      • Arrival Time: Student supervision does not begin until 6:30 AM. Please do not drop off your student prior to 6:30 AM, as they will not be admitted into the building or supervised prior to that time.
      • Student Drop-Off: We ask that parents follow the traffic flow patterns and drop students off at the designated Student Drop-Off Zone in front of the school building. Please drive with extreme caution as students will be entering the building from the parking lot.


      Afternoon Departure

      • Dismissal: Bus Riders, and car riders are dismissed at 2:58 PM. Bus Riders will exit the building by using Door #20 at the rear of the building.
      • Car-Riders: Parents/guardians may arrive a few minutes early to pick-up students. We ask that parents do not park and leave cars to locate a student. Students will exit the building from the front of the school through the main entrance/exit.
Hampshire High School's Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures