Clubs and Activities

  • Academic Challenge 

    This interscholastic competition is composed of juniors and seniors that are currently enrolled or have taken AP classes in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics as well as Computer Science. We also look for students in CAD. 

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    Art Club

    The HHS Art Club focuses on public space projects, fundraising, field trips and art making. Art Club activities vary from year to year. Some of our past activities have included... *creating artwork in public spaces such as murals and installation art *collaborative projects with the music department like creating art on stage during performances *fundraisers such as Painting Parties and Holiday Sales *field trip to Chicago to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute, The Chicago Cultural Center and more!

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    Black Student Alliance

    An organization focused on black student issues within the HHS community as well as national and global issues. Students will work with the administration to address racial tension and discrimination. Students will have the opportunity to educate students and staff about black history and culture as well as promote diversity and inclusion.

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    Chess Club

    This is an informal club in which students practice against others that attend that day. Although most of our time is devoted to playing chess, we have spent time studying moves, developing strategies, and playing Chinese Chess.

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    The Hampshire High School Debate Team is an IHSA activity that debates various economic, foreign affairs, and public welfare bills. During debate, we simulate Congress by giving pro and con speeches on proposed bills, and then we vote on them! The team participates in monthly tournaments with other Chicagoland schools and is part of the Illinois Congressional Debate Association (ICDA) and IHSA.

    Sponsor: Lynda Bolding (


    Drama Club

    Drama club is the supporting club for all students who are interested in the multiple facets of on-stage performance and backstage design. Drama club helps students who are interested in attending the Illinois High School Theater Festival, produces the fall play, organizes and runs the student-directed One-Act productions, and all other forms of on-stage performances.

    Sponsor: Dan Napper (


    Educators Rising club

    Our club takes a look into the current education field. Guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, and much more! Do you have a passion for making a difference? Then join Educators Rising (Future Educators) Club!

    Sponsor: Emalie Matuszewski (


    Environmental Club

    The Environmental Club is a student-run organization that seeks to provide opportunities for members concerned about environmental issues. Members participate in various volunteering activities, including cleaning up around the community, planting trees, recycling, and educating others about environmental issues. Typically, the club meets every other week after school.

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    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student led faith organization where athletes join together to talk about carrying out their faith in their everyday life and in their sports and activities.  Athletes are encouraged to join, but we are open to anyone regardless of whether you play a sport or not.  Being part of the club includes regular ‘Whole Group Huddles’ before school as well as other service and volunteer opportunities outside of school.

    Sponsor: Calvin Braker ( )


    Fishing Club

    Fishing Club is a place where we encourage all anglers; beginners to advance; to develop their skills and knowledge to become a successful angler. We start with the basics of fishing and move to advanced techniques, with a focus on catching bass. We teach sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and leadership through a variety of outings. Fishing Club plans to organize social fishing outings and trips as well as complete in IHSA fishing tournaments, in addition to local tournaments to use as a practice throughout the year. We also plan on hosting/helping a local fishing derby for the 4H club. 

    Sponsor: Pat Smith ( and Mike Jakubowski (


    French Club

    Bonjour! The Hampshire High School French Club is a club created for students to further their knowledge of the French language and culture. Students eat croissants and baguettes while they share their interests and passion for learning French. We celebrate National French Week in the fall as well as World Language Week in the spring. It does not matter whether you are taking French or are simply interested in learning more about it; all are welcome!

    Sponsor: Madam Dutton (


    Freshman Class Council

    Class Council is a great opportunity for students to get involved in school activities and events. Students on class council work directly with our Student Council committee. Class council gives students the ability to become leaders and organize/plan events that will contribute to school spirit and the community. 

    Sponsor: Dennis Wozniak (


    Genders & Sexualities Alliance 

    The Gender & Sexuality Alliance is a safe space for LGBTQ+ and allies to meet and discuss current events, learn about past events and successors of the LGBTQ movement, and make lasting friendships. This year we will continue to discuss issues impacting LGBTQ students in school, dynamics of relationships, coming out, gender fluidity, and any other topic students bring to the table. If you are interested, all I ask is that you come in with an open mind and open heart and celebrate our diversity." 

    Sponsor: Kolleen Hanetho (


    Junior Class Council

    Junior Class Council meets at minimum once a month. We work hard year-round to raise funds for prom, we take part in Homecoming activities and spend time as a group working to plan HHS’s Junior/Senior Prom. Students must be Juniors to attend. Any Junior is welcome to attend. We are a hard-working group and welcome you!

    Sponsors: Sharon Louis (


    Literary Magazine

    The Hampshire High School Literary Magazine is a publication devoted to all creative writers and artists within the school. Students can show off their poetry, short stories, short essays, short fiction, memoirs, photography, and artwork in a professional-style school magazine. The literary magazine allows students to apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate writing, and use different writing process elements appropriately.

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    Math Team

    This team has several tests that students can compete in– individual (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus), a 2-person team, an 8-person team, and a calculating (5-person) team. We compete in the Fox Valley Conference Invite, the NCTM Regional, and the NCTM State competition.

    Sponsor: Dennis Wozniak (


    Medical Careers Club

    The Medical Careers Club strives to provide information to students about what it is like to work in various areas of the medical field. We invite speakers to discuss the roles they play in the field as well as participate in volunteer projects and labs. The club also discusses many different topics related to health, such as COVID-19, mental health, etc. Typically, the club meets every other week after school.

    Sponsor: Nick Ozarka (


    Multicultural club

    The club provides a platform for students to discuss culture, current issues, and how other cultures influence American society. The club is dedicated to spreading awareness, understanding, and appreciation of a particular culture, its people, diversity, and values.

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    Every spring we put on a full-length, Broadway-style musical. Auditions are held mid-November, with rehearsals starting in January. Performances are mid-March before Spring Break. Students are required to attend all scheduled rehearsals and may not miss any part of tech week or the performances if they wish to be a part of the production in any capacity. (Annual Spring Musical Performed in March)

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    National Honors Society

    National Honor Society is a group of juniors and senior students who are invited to apply during their sophomore or junior year. Members encompass the four pillars of the NHS: Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Character. Members attend monthly meetings and are out in the community serving others. Meetings consist of activities, collecting items for different organizations in need, and providing information on new service opportunities.  

    The National Honor Society is a membership that serves the community by providing time to help at a variety of organizations. To be a part of the NHS, you must be selected for membership. If you are a sophomore or a junior, you will receive an application in February/March if you have qualified for the scholarship component, which is having at least a 3.5 unweighted GPA or a 5.0 weighted GPA. 

    Sponsor: Anne Kleiner ( and Kelli Swanson (


    Robotics Club

    The HHS Robotics Club is a gathering of students who are interested in learning about and working with robots. The club provides opportunities for students to design, build, and program robots that will be able to accomplish anything from a given task to compete in a competition. Students work in a collaborative environment while working with their hands and minds to create the unthinkable. 

    Sponsor: Brandon Porth (


    Scholastic Bowl

    It is basically "team Jeopardy." A five-on-five competition that focuses on answering core and extracurricular topic-based questions. The fastest correct answer wins! 

    Scholastic Bowl is a five-on-five trivia completion. We compete against other Fox Valley Conference schools to see who has the best and brightest team.

    Sponsor: Justin Bowers (


    Senior Class Council

    If you want to be invested in making a lasting impression at HHS or have HHS make a lasting impression on you, then this is the activity for you. We create a t-shirt for each graduating class and give a tangible gift back to Hampshire High School at graduation. We also help with homecoming and have and have an end of year senior event.  

    Sponsor: Emalie Matuszewski (

    Skills USA

    SkillsUSA is a national membership association serving middle school, high school, and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations, and for further education. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. 

    Sponsor: Mike Jakubowski (


    Sophomore Class Council

    Class Council is a great opportunity for students to get involved in school activities and events. Students on class council work directly with our Student Council committee. Class council gives students the ability to become leaders and organize/plan events that will contribute to school spirit and the community. 

    Sponsors: Kristina Wade (

    Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club is a group of students who get together to share, discuss, appreciate and celebrate the Spanish language and culture. You do not currently need to be enrolled in a Spanish class to participate. We welcome everyone. We discuss and celebrate Spanish holidays as they occur throughout the year and at times arrange activities that coincide as well.  

    Sponsor: Senora Konajeski (


    Student Ambassadors

    Our mission is to challenge students to create a welcoming environment for all students and guests by volunteering to improve and serve the community.  

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    Student Council

    Student Council is a great opportunity for students to get involved in school activities and events. Students have the ability to become leaders and organize/plan events that will contribute to school spirit and the community. Student Council gives you the freedom to communicate, work together, and grow as the student body. Volunteering for the community, participating in fundraisers, and increasing school spirit are a few examples from a long list of activities that will help foster one's skills.

    Sponsor: Jennifer Kahley (



    The Tri-M© Music Honor Society is an international program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 6-12 that meet the music, academic, leadership, and character criteria asked of every Tri-M member. Students interested in joining the Tri-M Music Honor Society must fill out an application, which is distributed once a year through your music teacher, and then be accepted based on your application. Activities that we do throughout the school year include working on Hampshire HS concerts and performances, collaborating with other clubs, and working with neighboring elementary schools and local community groups.

    Sponsor: Emma Leland(



    This is an informal club where we will gather and play a variety of video games with friends. We will spend almost the entire time playing video games. Also, we will occasionally hold tournaments where we will compete to see who is the most skilled.

    Sponsor: Mike Anderson (


    Working for the yearbook is a great way to meet new friends and express yourself creatively. Members of this club design, promote, and sell the HHS Yearbook. There is a place for everyone on the yearbook staff! Whether one is interested in drawing, designing, writing, photography, promoting, or editing, there will always be something to work on both at our weekly Thursday meetings or at home. All grade levels are encouraged to join! Joining the yearbook committee gets students involved on all levels, from mingling with students, to attending school events, and actively participating in something that benefits the entire student body. Let’s be involved and creative! These memories will last a lifetime! 

    Sponsor: Jillian O’Brien ( and Shannon Buckley (


    Volleyball club

    Volleyball Club is committed to giving all students a chance to play volleyball in a low pressure recreational setting. We accept all students regardless of gender or ability level. Students can come and play games at their level, practice their skills, and have a great time with other students.

    Sponsor: Mark Raistrick (