Clubs and Activities

  • Beta Club

    Beta Club is a scholastic/service organization for seventh and 8th grade students. Members are selected based on their scholastic record and citizenship.

    Open to selected second semester 6th grade students on a probationary status.


    Sponsorship of Activities

    No event shall be an official school sponsored event that does not have the express prior written approval of the superintendent. No district funds, property, or facilities may be used for any event that is not so approved by the superintendent. District personnel are forbidden to represent that an event is sponsored by the school district unless such approval is obtained. Since many events may otherwise inadvertently appear to be school sponsored, all parents and students are urged to contact the school prior to participation to determine whether an event is sponsored by the school district. The school district cannot be responsible or liable for any non-school sponsored event.


    Student Council

    The purposes of the Student Council are:

    1. Provide for the expression of the student body's opinions.
    2. Promote and encourage a spirit of good will in the school and community as well as between the faculty and students.
    3. Act as a service organization to the students, faculty, and administration of the school.
    4. Foster the virtues of self control, courtesy, cooperation, and above all, leadership.
    5. Inform the Student Body of the activities of the Council and involve the students in those activities.