Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

    • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
      Please note, student safety is of the utmost importance. Following arrival and dismissal procedures will increase the safety of the students.
      • Kiss ‘N Go drop-off and pick-up is in the parking lot off Klick Street. You may approach the parking lot from Terwilliger or Edgewood.
      • Pull your car as far forward in the loading/unloading zone as possible. Only cars in the yellow shaded area will load or unload students.
      • Once your car is stopped, allow your child to quickly exit or enter your vehicle. In the morning, students will proceed to the multipurpose room.
      • Slowly move forward in line and exit the parking lot by turning RIGHT. (right turn only)
      • Bus loading/unloading occurs in the drive in front of the school.
      • Parents may park their cars and pick up children who are “walkers” on the blacktop by the playground. Parents are not permitted to wait at the front doors for their children. This area is congested with students loading busses. Parents must meet children on the blacktop.


      HES Pickup-Dropoff