Clubs and Activities

    • Art Club

      Sponsor: Sarah Sitko

      Meeting Times: Mondays after school until 5:45 p.m.

      Students do not have to attend all meetings. This club is free and has been formed to introduce arts and crafts from around the world as well as independent art projects! It allows 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to participate in extracurricular activities and exposes them to a variety of creative media/mediums. If you have any questionsfeel free to contact Ms. Sitko here.


      Beta Club

      Sponsor: Bonnie Arsinow and Anna Martin 

      Meeting Times: 

      The National Junior Beta Club recognizes outstanding achievement, promotes character and social responsibility, encourages service involvement in school and community, fosters leadership skills, grants scholarships, and provides settings for your child to develop interpersonal relationship skills.


      Book Club

      Sponsor: Deane Gidlund

      Meeting Times: Once a month with one or both of the 8th grade literature teachers facilitating the meetings

      A lot of meaningful and insightful conversations can take place over a good piece of contemporary literature. It provides another avenue for communication.

      Eventually it is our hope that the students will completely take over and facilitate their own meetings by midyear with a teacher present simply as a “coach” if needed. We will meet in the AMS library to start.  

      Students may join at any time! Students should seek out their literature teacher to find out what book the group is currently reading.

      To view the 8th Grade Book Club Permission Form, please click here


      Fun Club

      Sponsor: Britt Kotecki

      Meeting Times: Once a month on Tuesdays from 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.

      Do you like to help others? And have Fun? Then the Fun Club may be just for you. The Fun Club is looking for a few more buddies! The AMS Fun Club is a club that encourages social engagement between the students in the Cross-Categorical Language and Intellectual Disabilities programs with the general education students that are involved in AVID at Algonquin Middle School. Students participate in a variety of activities such as playing games, crafts and other activities while working on establishing peer relationships. If you’re interested, please see Mrs. Kotecki in the office. Hurry the spots are limited!


      Science Fair Club

      Sponsor: Mr. Brian Sanford

      Meeting Times: Once a month in Mr. Sanford's room (221)

      Judges love projects that you seem interested in, but also projects that focus on a useful topic in the world of science.

      Topic Requirements:

      • Safe
      • Able to complete by the deadline
      • Useful in the world of science
      • An actual experiment, not just a demo or research
      • Interesting to you 

      For more related information, please click here.


      Student Council


      Meeting Times:

      Student Council is looking for energetic, responsible, focused middle school students to represent AMS! If you like to be involved in school and plan dances, fundraisers, and other exciting activities you should consider joining!

      Student Council will be holding elections very soon!

      If you're interested in making AMS an even more exciting place, then you should run for a board position. As a board member you will attend monthly board meetings, quarterly meetings with administration, attend student council committee meetings, and be a leading voice for our school!

      Last year our board listened to the suggestions of the students and made a difference. We now have a soccer intramural team, new gym floor, projector in the gym, student created murals and much much more!