Frequently Asked Questions

    • I am new to District 300. How do I register?

      DMS will email you a link to the District 300 Online Registration Portal. DMS also has a registration kiosk if you do not have easy access to a computer. You can upload your address documents and birth certificates into the online application. All new students should be entered into the same online application even if they attend different D300 schools. For more information about D300 registration please click here: D300 Registration Information


      What health documents are required?

      All new students are required to provide a current physical with immunizations. To read more about D300 health requirements please click here: D300 Health Requirements


      Where do I pay student fees? 

      A registration fee, established annually by the Board of Education, is required for all students. Once all address documents have been submitted and your application has been approved, please click on the following link to set up your Pushcoin account to pay registration fees: Pushcoin. This account is not used for school lunch money. Please see below for information regarding school lunch fees.


      How do I add money to my students' lunch account?

      The Dundee Middle School cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch. To add money to your students' lunch account electronically please click here: My Payments Plus. You can also send them with cash or a check to be added directly to their account. Checks should be made payable to CUSD 300.


      What are the bell times at DMS? 

      The regular school day at DMS is from 8:55 am to 3:40 pm. Students are allowed to enter the building when the first bell rings at 8:45 am. On designated early release days the school day still starts at 8:55 am but students are released at 1:25 pm. For a copy of the D300 2018-19 district calendar please click here: 2018-19 District Calendar

      DMS Regular Day Bell Schedule

      DMS Early Release Bell Schedule


      How does bus transportation work?

      All DMS students are eligible for bus transportation and will be assigned a bus route. Please note: new students that register after mid-July are not guaranteed transportation for the first two weeks of school. For more information regarding transportation please click here: Durham Transportation


      How do I arrange an early release for my student? 

      On days that your student needs to be picked up early, please send them to school with a note indicating their name, pick up time, date and reason Early Release Form The student should bring the note to the main office first thing in the morning and the student will be given an early release pass to leave class 5 minutes before the pickup time. The student can sign themselves out and you do not need to get out of the car. If you do not send a note, the Parent/Guardian must come into the school with a photo ID to sign the student out.


      How do I register for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal? 

      Parent/Guardians will receive an activation code directly from the school to set up your Parent Portal account. This account can be used to view Report Cards, Attendance, Schedules and complete Online Registration. Click here to link to the IC Parent Portal information page: Infinite Campus Parent Portal


      What do the different grade types mean in IC? How often do students get final grades?

      Students receive two official scores per quarter/term, MID TERM (unofficial, half-way through each term) and MS MARKING PERIOD (end of term, final scores). The end of term scores are the only ones posted to report cards/transcripts. 


      Where can I find information for incoming 6th-grade students?

      There are several events in August that prepare our incoming 6th-grade students for life at DMS. This comprehensive list of transition activities will help guide you and your student. We are excited to have you at DMS!


      Where can I find information about the athletics/activities available at DMS?

      Check out our Athletics/Activities Haiku Page for information about the available activities at DMS. Contact information for the coaches is available there as well.


      Where can I find the student supply list for students at DMS?

      Please follow this link for the DMS school supply list for the 18-19 school year. 


      Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Contact us at 224.484.4500.