Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

  • To ensure not only smooth and efficient drop-off and pick-up procedures for your children, but more importantly their safety, please read and follow the guidelines provided about the transportation of your children to and from school.

    • Automobiles should never be left unattended when parking in a temporary curbside parking spot.
    • Students should never exit an automobile unless it is parked in a temporary curbside parking spot or a permanent parking spot.
    • If parked in a temporary curbside parking spot, parents must stay in their automobile to wait for their child(ren).


    Morning Drop-Off Procedure

    Parents/guardians should use the side parking lot (near Cleveland) of the school. Parents/guardians should pull up through the parking lot to door 6 (Sports Entrance) to allow students to exit the car. After doing so, parents/guardians will need to follow the directions of the traffic pattern to exit the parking lot. You will not be able to exit the school area through the horseshoe driveway at the front of the building.


    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure

    Parents/guardians are welcome to park in the parking lot to the side of the building closest to Cleveland Avenue. However, parents/guardians are encouraged to create a line of cars closest to the building in order to wait for the students to exit. Students will exit from door 6 (Sports Entrance). Please wait in your automobile as the students exit the building. Once your child gets into your car carefully exit the parking lot following the traffic pattern. You will not be able to enter the horseshoe area in front of the school.

    Please note: Carpentersville Middle School and the Carpentersville Police Department would like to remind you that it is unlawful to use a cellular telephone in a school zone. A person, regardless of age, may not use a wireless telephone at any time while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway in an established school speed zone.

Map of CMS Pick-Up and Drop-Off route