Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

  • Drop-Off and Pick-Up

    When driving a child to school, please use the  parking lot drop-off/pick-up point.  A staff member will be present.  Please pull forward along the sidewalk to allow for others behind you to pull up as well. Students need to exit/enter cars on the curb side.  Parents are also allowed to park in this lot and walk their child to the sidewalk. Parents must walk with their child through the parking lot if they choose to park their car. The main parking lot bus drop-off lane remains reserved for the buses.



    • Supervision does not begin until 7:45 a.m.
    • Students come directly into the building through the following doors.
      • Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd Graders enter through the front doors.
      • Third and Fourth Graders enter through door 8 (by the side parking lot).
      • Fifth graders enter through door 9 (to the right of the front doors). 
      • Breakfast: Students may grab a breakfast in the cafeteria to bring to the classroom. 

      • Note: To avoid students crossing on the narrow walkways outside, please follow the direction of walking traffic flow mentioned above. Parents may wait outside of the building with their child, but they are not allowed to enter the building.

    • Students are marked tardy if they arrive after 8 a.m. Students arriving late should enter the main door and stop at the office for a tardy pass. Please call the office or walk your child into the office when they are tardy. Students riding a bus that arrives late to school will not be marked tardy.



    • School dismissal is at 2:15 p.m. Students are supervised by teachers as they leave the building each day. Students in grades K-2 will exit through the front doors unless other directions are shared by the teacher. Students in grades 3-4 will exit through door 8. Students in grade 5 will exit through door 9. Supervisors are located throughout the building and outside to ensure an orderly and safe dismissal.

    • If you know before your student goes off to school that their transportation is going to change for the day, you must notify the teacher/main office indicating the change. Please be advised that students will not be allowed to ride on a bus other than the one they are assigned to.

    • Students are discouraged from returning to school for things they have forgotten. They should be encouraged to be responsible to gather what they need before they leave school. If a student or parent does return to school, they should check in at the office to gain admittance to the classroom.
Sleepy Hollow Elementary Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures