Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

    • Cars are not permitted in front of Eastview to pick up or drop off students, as this area is dedicated to buses only. As a result, parents who drive their children to school must follow these instructions:

      • Students may not be dropped off in front of Eastview. This area is for our Special Education buses only. Bus drivers will be expected to extend the arms on their buses as required by law. Passing a school bus arm while extended is a violation, and enforceable by Police.
      • If you drive your son/daughter to school, you will drop them off in the AMS student pick-up and drop-off zone.
      • If your student has a medical condition that requires them to be dropped off in front of school, we will require a doctor’s note. In addition, you will need to notify the office, who will then notify outside staff supervision.
      • When attending any event at Eastview during the school day, please park at AMS or on Longwood Drive.
      • The turnaround, which is located at the end of Eastgate, is for pick-up and drop-off only. Cars will not be allowed to sit and wait. (Imagine O’Hare Airport pick-up and drop-off.)
      • There are two (2) gates located on the west side drive. They will be closed during the day so cars will not be able to drive in back of Eastview and AMS.
      • There are two (2) entrances into AMS: One is for buses only and one is for cars only.
      • All buses will line up in the same place as they did last year. Students will arrive and depart at the same spots.

      AMS and Eastview are taking a campus approach to student safety, both when they arrive and as they prepare to leave. We will have plenty of staff outside to assist you in understanding the traffic patterns. Please remember that students should not arrive before 7:45 a.m. In addition, if your child does not ride the bus, leave time for them to get from the drop-off area to the building. Students arriving after the 8:00 a.m. bell will be marked tardy. Thank you for your cooperation.