Principal's Page

Principal Chris Columbaro
  • Dear Students, Staff, and Families of Algonquin Lakes Elementary School,

    My name is Chris Columbaro and I am honored to work in collaboration with all of you as principal. People are proud to be associated with ALES as our child-centered approach truly makes it a caring and supportive environment in which to learn. Together we must work to continue a positive school culture and forge strong connections to ensure the best education possible for our students.

    My entire professional career has been spent in D300 schools. One of my core beliefs is that schools should be an integral part of the community they inhabit and focus on high expectations for all students. Through best teaching practices that are developmentally appropriate, we will give students the skills to achieve these expectations and create citizens who are a positive influence and have a drive to continuously learn.

    I look forward to continuing to build relationships and discovering your hopes and dreams for our school. I aim to learn what is important to you, what you are proud of, and what you would like to work on. My priorities are listening and learning in order to continually find out the answers to these questions.

    I believe genuine collaboration that fosters ownership of a rich school culture and supports our kids to do well in their lives is at the center of our work. I am grateful to continue opportunity within the community and am looking forward to the great things to come! GO LIONS!!


    Chris Columbaro,