Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

  • Arrival

    Students should arrive to school between 7:45 am and 7:55 am. Supervision does not begin until 7:45 a.m. Students are marked tardy if they arrive after 8:00 a.m. Students arriving late should enter the main door and stop at the office for a tardy pass. Students riding a bus that arrives late to school will not be marked tardy.


    • School dismissal is at 2:15 p.m. Students are supervised by teachers as they leave the building each day. Supervisors are located throughout the building and outside to ensure an orderly and safe dismissal.

    • If your student’s transportation is going to change for the day, you must notify the teacher/main office indicating the change no later than 1:00 p.m. to ensure communication before dismissal. Please be advised that students will not be allowed to ride on a bus other than the one they are assigned to.

    • It is the responsibility of the students to organize their school items and personal belongings at the end of each school day. Students are discouraged from returning to school after hours to secure forgotten items. The office hours are 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. If it is imperative that a family access the building after the student attendance day, they may do so assuming the office staff is available to provide assistance. The principal has the authority to deny access to the building for students/families who consistently request access after school hours.

    Traffic Pattern

    Please note the direction of parent drop-off and pick-up area in the front of the school. All vehicles must exit from Compton drive to ensure that students exit curbside on the passenger side of the car. Please plan accordingly as students cannot exit from the driverside of the vehicle. Please do not drop off on Compton Dr. Cars will not be allowed in the parking lot during the bus drop-off and pick-up times. If families prefer to park, please use the parking lot next to the playground accessible from Lake Cornish Way.

    Only children from the Algonquin Lakes subdivision should be allowed to walk. A crossing path is painted in the proper area. NO CHILD should be allowed to cross Sandbloom Road or Route 62 -bus transportation is provided. Children should stay on the sidewalk at all times. Additionally, students and families should be conscious of stop signs and be alert for passing automobiles. Students who walk should be reminded to walk directly to and from school/home.

    ALES Map showing Arrival/Dismissal locations 


    Only students living in the Algonquin Lakes subdivision should be allowed to ride their bicycles. For safety purposes, we ask that parents please do not allow students younger than third grade to ride bicycles to school alone. A bicycle rack is provided in the back of the school where third, fourth, and fifth grade students enter. Students who ride their bikes should put them in the bike rack and lock them until the end of the school day. Bicycles are brought to school at the risk of the owner. Students should only walk across Compton Dr. with the assistance of the Crossing Guard. Bikes should be walked across school property. Students need to always go straight home after school. For safety reasons, students should not ride bicycles to school for evening programs.

    Wireless Telephones

    The Illinois Vehicle code was amended by the following in spring of 2010: A person, regardless of age may not use a wireless telephone at any time while operating a vehicle on a roadway in a school zone.