Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

    • During Arrival time (7:30 a.m. -7:55 a.m.) and dismissal time (2 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.) Cars are not permitted to use the north side entrance of the parking lot for drop-off or pick-up. This area is dedicated for buses and District employees only. As a result, parents who drive their children to school must follow these instructions:

      • The car lane identified with arrows (ref. picture below) must be used for drop-off and pick-up with entry from Pine Street (at the South end of the school) onto Ash Street (at the North end of the school).

      • The north end entrance (Ash Street) is not for drop-off or pick-up for students riding in a car. This is a public street and the residents who live on that street need access to their driveways.

      • Students who will be picked-up in the car lane will be given a number to put on their backpack and an additional number to put in the car. The number for the car should be visible when coming down the car lane to help staff prepare to load the students. Please come into the office to receive your number for the year.

      • The main entrance will be used at drop-off and pick-up for walkers. For the safety of everyone please wait on the sidewalk across from the main entrance if you are picking-up walkers.

      There will be staff outside to assist you in understanding the traffic pattern. Please remember students should not arrive prior to 7:30 a.m. If there is a bus loading and/or unloading students all traffic will stop until it is complete. In addition, if your child walks to and from school they will not be allowed in the car lane. Any changes to transportation for pick-up should be called into the school office by 1:30 p.m.

  • Meadowdale Elementary Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures


    1. Approach the school from the south end of the building, Pine Street entrance, heading north towards the front entrance.

      • Picture A. Entry to the car lane for drop-off & pick-up.

    1. Follow the arrows and watch for directions from the staff.

      • Picture B. During drop-off students should exit from the driver’s side of the vehicle by door 4. During pick-up students will be lined up (by Door 2-3) and load on the driver’s side of the vehicle. 

    1. Slowly move forward when directed from staff and exit the parking lot by turning right.

      • Picture C. During drop-off students will exit the vehicle prior to the yellow crosswalk from the driver’s side.

    Important Reminder: Cell phones cannot be used while operating a motor vehicle on school grounds or in a school zone. This is a state law. Thanks for helping keep our students safe.