Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

    • Please follow the expectations noted below in order to help make dropping off and picking up you r child safe and efficient. Thank you for cooperating!

      Drop Off Expectations:

      • Before 7:40 AM, the car lane is for in and out traffic of the parking A car cannot park or wait in that lane. You must loop around allowing access in and out of the parking spaces and parking lot.
      • Drop Off starts at 7:40 Do not drop off you r child before 7:40 AM.
      • Please remain in your If you do need to get out, please pull into a parking spot.
      • Please have you r child ready to exit the right side of the vehicle with their backpack ready to
      • There is only one lane, do not drive around a vehicle that is in front of you.
      • You must make a right turn out of the school property onto Willow S This will reduce congestion of traffic still trying to get into the school including our buses.

      Pick Up Expectations:

      • Kindergarten and 1st grade "car pick up" students are dismissed at 2:10
      • 2•d -5'" Grade "car pick up" students are dismissed at 2:15.
      • Kindergarten and 1" Grade parents should be in the front of the car
      • Please do not block the entrance to the parking lot, it needs to remain 100% clear for buses to
      • Please remain in your If you do need to get out to help buckle your child, please pull into an open parking spot.
pick up and drop off map