Graduation Requirements

  • Oak Ridge School follows the same curriculum and pacing guides as other District 300 schools. We offer the same classes and have the same requirements to pass. We use the same textbooks and have the same expectations as all District 300 middle and high school.

    A minimum of 26.0 credits must be earned including the following:

  • Prairie State Achievement Examination- Per District 300 policy, in order to be eligible to receive a regular high school diploma, students must take the Prairie State Achievement Examination.

    Starting with the class of 2009, all students must successfully complete three years of math, including Algebra 1 and Geometry.

    ** In order to fulfill Section 27-3 of The School Code of Illinois District 300 requires that all high school students pass an examination on the federal and state constitutions, the Declaration of Independence, flag etiquette and voting procedures. The test is given as part of the American Government course.

    ** Elective Strand Requirements: Starting with the class of 2012, strand requirements ensure that students graduating from District 300 schools recieve a well-rounded education. This permits students to experience a variety of courses in numerous subject areas. All students must earn a minimum of 1.0 credit in each of the three strands to graduate.


    College/Post Secondary School Admission Guidelines

    These guidelines provide direction in planning for college or post high school instruction and career decisions. Students must choose courses and electives that will help them meet the entrance requirements of the college or post secondary school of their choice. Not all schools and colleges have the same admission requirements. Parents and counselors must work jointly with students to help them choose the proper courses to achieve their desired goals for entrance to the institution of their choice and their career objectives.

    Students planning to attend college will generally have to meet the following admission requirements: