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An Update Regarding Remote Learning

Published: September 15, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

District 300 would like to provide an update regarding our remote learning process for students who are isolating or quarantining due to COVID-19.

This year, in the event a student would need to participate in remote instruction, students may receive instruction in various ways depending on the grade level and student instructional needs. Teachers will be posting asynchronous work for each course on our new learning management platform, Schoology (formerly Haiku/Powerschool Learning). Teachers may also provide synchronous instruction (have students remote into the classroom) in specific situations when the teacher determines it best meets the instructional outcomes of the lesson. In these situations, the teacher may post asynchronous work in addition to having the student remote into the classroom, or the synchronous experience may be the activity for that portion of the day. In addition, students may access a Remote Learning Resource Teacher on an as-needed basis to receive synchronous instructional support as they complete their asynchronous instruction.

Starting this week, District 300 has updated our remote learning instructional plan for students placed under quarantine. These changes are in alignment with ISBE guidance related to learning expectations for students during the pandemic. Highlights within the updated plan are noted below.


  • On a daily basis, students are expected to log into their assigned Remote Learning Resource Teacher for synchronous support when they did not participate in synchronous learning. Students who access daily learning with their classroom teacher via Zoom for a portion of the day are not expected to check in with the Remote Learning Resource Teacher but may do so as needed.
  • Teachers will continue to post asynchronous instruction and activities for each core content area (Math, English Language Arts, Science or Social Studies) for students under quarantine. In addition to the classroom teacher posted work, specials teachers will post an asynchronous lesson for students on their roster who are quarantined. Specials teachers will only post a lesson or activity on the day(s) in which the quarantined student attends the special. This could be a choice board or individual lessons. 
  • In addition to the classroom work assigned by your child’s teacher, iReady/Istation lessons are an additional instructional option for your child. Students may log in to iReady to access their instructional path from home. The maximum recommended number of lessons for a student per day is one passed math lesson and one passed ELA lesson.

Middle and High

  • On a daily basis, students are expected to log in to one or more Remote Learning Resource Teachers for synchronous support for courses where there was not synchronous learning occurring.  As Remote Learning Resource Teachers are broken down by core content area, EL, and Ed Services, students should access the appropriate Remote Learning Resource Teacher based on their individual need for support after reviewing their posted learning lessons, activities and materials. 
  • Teachers will continue to post asynchronous instruction and activities for each of their class periods for any students under quarantine. Assignments will reflect opportunities for quarantined students to participate in activities/learning consistent with in-person classroom learning targets.


  • Preschool students will continue to be provided with a hard copy packet of materials to complete during their quarantine period from their school. Preschool students with IEPs will continue to receive remote teacher services in compliance with their individual remote learning plan in addition to the packet. 

Please note that if a teacher is including a student in synchronous classroom instruction via Zoom, the teacher will not post additional asynchronous work unless they feel it is necessary. 

In the event your child would need to engage in remote instruction, the district will provide you with a message that recaps this information and provides additional details to ensure your student would be able to successfully access their coursework. 




Kara Vicente

Deputy Superintendent