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Parent Teacher Conference Registration is Now Open

District 300 schools look forward to hosting parent teacher conferences on November 25 and 26. 

Registration is now open for all District 300 schools until November 22 at 2 p.m.

All District 300 schools use the PTC Wizard online system to schedule parent teacher conferences. Additionally, each school has sent their respective parents a message outlining information specific to their building.

Prior to scheduling your conferences, please note the following: 

  • If you have children in multiple schools, please know that each school has its own unique web address to schedule conferences.  While the username and password to access each website is the same (your Infinite Campus username and password), the web address is different for each school. For your convenience, a list of each school’s PTC Wizard web address has been included at the bottom of this message.

  • If you must switch between web addresses when scheduling conferences at two or more different schools, it is important that you close the web browser after you’ve successfully scheduled a conference in one building. Then open the browser again to access an additional school’s PTC Wizard web address.

  • District employees that are also parents should use their Infinite Campus Parent Portal username and password (not their district log-in) when scheduling conferences in PTC Wizard.

  • If you are unaware of your Infinite Campus Parent Portal username and password, or if you need your password reset, please contact the IC Portal Helpdesk at

  • Each school has designated an office secretary to provide support in scheduling conferences.  If you experience issues with using PTC Wizard, please call the school directly and they will either walk you through the steps or manually schedule the conference(s) for you. 

  • As previously mentioned, all schools have sent a message outlining their specific procedures for scheduling and attending parent teacher conferences.  Please refer to this letter before scheduling parent teacher conferences.

List of Schools PTC Wizard URL Addresses