English as a Second Language

  • A sheltered instruction approach is used to teach both language and content simultaneously. Students are in a sheltered English Language Arts class with an ESL teacher.

  • Language and Skills-Geometry (ELA1890/ELA1891)

    Length: Based on teacher recommendation, this course can be taken as 1 semester or 2 semesters

    Credit: 0.5 units/1.0 unit 

    Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

    Prerequisite: Active enrollment in an ESL I OR II Entering/emerging course. Limited English Proficient identified and placement based on ACCESS test results (1.0-2.9), 1-3 active years in EL programing and ESL teacher or Divisional recommendation. 

    Other Info: Students will receive one elective credit for successful completion of this course. 

    Description: This course is taken in addition to Geometry. This course will support ELs in Geometry by incorporating language and skill building strategies. The language instructional focus is to build background knowledge, frontload content specific vocabulary, and support content comprehensible input. The instructional focus is to support various content based skills and concepts taught in a regular geometry course. The purpose of this course is to support language, content and skill development.