Clubs and Activities

  • 7th and 8th Grade Washing, D.C. Trip

    Sponsor: Don Wicker

    The Washington D.C. Trip is an annual trip for 7th and 8th Grade students. 


    Art Club

    Sponsor: Bjana Lunde

    Art Club is open to all students interested in exploring their artistic abilities beyond the exploratory curriculum. Students will engage in a variety of art activities/projects if they choose to participate in the club. 


    Battle of the Books

    Sponsor: Nicoll Blomquist, Susan Stanley, Judith Yuvan

    Battle of the Books offers passionate readers a chance to extend and explore their love of reading. Students read from a list of 50 books designated by the district. The DMS team will consist of five students and one alternate. This team will compete with the other middle schools in the district. During the meets, students are quizzed on their comprehension of the books. The season kicks off in the fall when the new list is made available. Tryouts for the team take place in January. Battle of the Books competitions begin in April and finish in early May. 


    Bella Voce

    Sponsor: Mona Roy

    The Dundee Middle School Choral Department offers an advanced young women’s vocal ensemble called Bella Voce open to 7th and 8th grade chorus girls. This is an auditioned group. This ensemble focuses on select treble voices performing more challenging 2 - 4 part music of various styles. Auditions and rehearsals begin in September and end in May.  


    Beta Club

    Sponsor: Matt Bishop and Aaron Godfrey

    The Dundee Middle School chapter of Junior Beta Club is a part of a national honorary organization designed to provide recognition and leadership experiences to high achieving students. To be eligible to join, a student must be on super honor roll for three-quarters in a row and have shown outstanding merit in citizenship. Beta Club meets once a month to discuss, plan, and implement upcoming activities, such as the annual teacher breakfast, pumpkin-grams at Halloween, and sponsoring a dance. Student ideas for projects and activities are welcome, as one of Beta Club’s main goals is to provide a pleasurable, self-enhancing experience to its members. 


    Buddy Club

    Sponsor: Johanna Wilkinson

    Buddy Club is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Activities are planned that create opportunities for regular education students and special education students to interact in recreational and social ways to learn more about one another, to break barriers, change attitudes and make new friends. 


    Cardunal Council

    Sponsor: Robyn Kovar

    Cardunal Council is the student government body of DMS and is open to sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Any student interested in joining may become a part of Cardunal Council. Within the Council, officers are elected to represent the club itself. Members of Cardunal Council sponsor the 8th grade dance, Teacher Appreciation Week, and a community service project. 


    Chess Club

    Sponsor: Andy Bailye

    Phone: (224) 484-4598


    Chess club is open to all students interested in learning to play chess or expanding their chess playing skills. 

    Chess club meets every Friday at 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. all year.

    All skill levels are welcome. We play different chess variations and for added fun we have a points leaderboard, for improvement, attendance, and wins. Chess club is a great way to make new friends as well as increasing skill level. The club is mostly casual, and less competitive.

    To join chess club, please fill out the form by clicking here.

    Once officially joined, the student will see a new "group" in schoology where schedules, announcements, and potential lessons to participate in.


    Color Guard

    Sponsor: Mandi Petges

    Color guard is a sport of the arts, that uses choreographed dances and routines to enhance and interpret music. In this club, you will learn how to use color guard equipment (flags and other props), while building a sense of teamwork, confidence, and self-esteem. Once the routines are learned, members will be able to perform during halftime at home basketball games. All grades welcome!  


    Flag Football

    Coach: Craig Zeigler

    Flag Football is open to all students at DMS and runs during the Fall season. Participants will create teams and compete against one another throughout the course of the season.


    Homework Help

    Sponsor: Nicole Gomez-Johnson

    Homework Help is available September through April is an opportunity to get help with difficult assignments, tests, or getting caught up on late work! The club meets three days a week and is open to all students. The only requirement needed is to sign-up in the IMC the day before you need assistance! 


    Instramural Poms and Cheer

    Sponsor: Jen Clancy

    6th grade girls are invited to join DMS poms and cheer. Intramural poms and cheer have no cuts, so everyone makes the squad. There are 8 practices and 8 games. Practices begin after Winter Break and games are held after school in March. 8th grade cheerleaders will help coach the 6th graders throughout the season. Please contact Mrs. Clancy if you have any questions at


    Men's Ensemble

    Sponsor: Mona Roy

    The Dundee Middle School Choral Department offers a boys-only singing group called Men's Ensemble. No audition is required. Rehearsals are once a week on Friday mornings. They begin in September and end in May. This group performs at concerts and events around the community throughout the year. This group allows boys to feel comfortable singing within an ensemble organized around boys voice quality, range, and tessitura at their age combining unchanged, changing and changed voices in one group. 



    Sponsor: Mona Roy and Matthew Bishop

    Students who participate in chorus at DMS have the opportunity to audition and participate in the DMS Musical (Mrs. Roy). Many opportunities for participation are available including leading roles, chorus parts, stage directors, and costume and set design. The musical is held at the Blizzard Theater at ECC each April. Seussiscal Jr., The Music Man, and Fiddler on the Roof are some of the DMS musicals in recent years. 



    Sponsor: Matt Bishop and Nicoll Blomquist

    The DMS Newspaper consists of students who have been selected based on an application process that includes a written sample in the style of an article which showcases the students’ best work. Articles written by the students will appear on the Newspaper Haiku Page and will be updated monthly. This page can be found in the Extras Tab of the students Haiku pages.  


    Robotics Club

    Sponsor: Erica Wapole and Gasper Ponte

    The DMS Robotics Team is a club where students get to design and program robots for First Lego League and the regional M.A.T.E. Underwater R.O.V. competition. The DMS Robotics Team is an application based club open to seventh and eighth grade students. Application to be on the team takes place during the month of May of the previous school year. Please contact or


    Science Fair Club

    Sponsor: Tom Sitkie

    Science Fair Students participate in science fair investigate a science topic of interest to them. Students gain an insight into the problems and methods of thinking scientifically and work with science instructors to draw conclusions about their research. Completed projects are judged and displayed in late spring. This club is open to seventh and eighth graders. 


    Ski Club

    Sponsor: Tom Sitkie

    The DMS Ski Club schedules three ski trips each year during the months of December, January, and February. Students may attend on a first come, first serve basis and are responsible for their own costs. Trips are planned on Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Fridays after school from 3:45 p.m. to 11 p.m. Trips are always contingent upon appropriate weather conditions. 



    Sponsor: Matthew Bishop

    Snowflake is a substance abuse prevention program focused on teaching youths valuable skills that help them develop responsible decision making skills and resist negative peer pressure. Members of Snowflake participate in games or team building activities at most meetings. Any DMS student may join Snowflake and all are encouraged to attend our Snowflake Day. Snowflake Day is a popular annual event held on one Saturday from 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Students listen to guest speakers, participate in team building activities and are then assigned to a small group that is facilitated by adult and teen volunteers where students share their feelings about the ideas presented. A lunch, snacks, and Snowflake T-shirt are provided. There is a fee charged for the day and a limit on the number of participants on a first come basis. 


    Ultimate Frisbee

    Coach: Mike Haase

    Ultimate is an exciting, non-contact team sport, played by thousands the world over. It mixes the best features of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, and Football into an elegantly simple yet fascinating and demanding game. Ultimate is currently offered in two different seasons. Fall Ultimate starts early September. Expect two to three practices a week and the team will attend two tournaments; the Chicago Invite will be in Rockford at Sportscore and DMS will host the Chicago Youth Showdown held at Meadowdale Park. Spring Ultimate starts in March and includes three tournaments Carpentersville Youth Ultimate Tournament, State Championship and Montrose Beach. 


    Volleyball Intramural - 6th Grade

    Coach: Lauren Omsberg and Mark Scheurich

    Girls’ Volleyball provides students an opportunity to learn new skills while improving already existing skills. The season commences with try-outs in at the beginning of the school year and runs to mid-October. A 7th grade squad of 15 girls and 8th grade squad of 15 girls compete with other schools in the district as well as tournament play. 


    Wiffle Ball

    Sponsor: Zack Schamrowski and Don Wicker

    Wiffle Ball Club is open to all students at DMS and runs during the Fall season. Participants will create teams and compete against one another throughout the course of the season. 


    Yearbook Club

    Sponsor: Matt Bishop and Nicoll Blomquist

    Yearbook Club consists of students who have been selected based on an application process that includes both a written and a photo submission. Students attend events and activities whereby they take pictures that could potentially be used in the yearbook and other media formats. In addition, they work on the layout and design of the yearbook using pictures submitted by club members. 


    Yoga Club

    Sponsor: Kaylene Shannon

    The Yoga Club was created offer students and staff an opportunity to learn and practice traditional yoga together. Yoga practitioners will learn a variety of breathing techniques (pranayama), basic yoga poses (asanas) and guided meditation practices to help students gain awareness, balance emotions, reduce stress and increase balance, strength and flexibility. Yoga Club is open to all. No experience necessary.