• Transportation is offered to children who are eligible through their IEP. Please contact Amy Moreno for more information at 224-484-2302.


      Kiss N Go Service

      deLacey offers a parent drop off and pick up service for children that are not eligible for transportation.

      Student Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures (Kiss N Go)

      All parents who transport their child to school will receive a “Kiss N Go” (KNG) number. This number is written on a card that you will need to put in the front window of your car when you come to pick up your child.  You will also receive a colored band with your child’s name and number on it that should be attached to the left hand strap of your child’s back pack.

      Student Drop Off

      Pull into the lot on the east side of the school and veer left. Go around the lot and get into the double line that begins at the blue and green crayons. A staff member will come out to your car to walk your child from your car to the building; once you are in the “loading zone” (the first 10 cars in line). Please have your child ready to be escorted into the school.

      There will be 10 cars at a time that will be unloaded. No vehicles will be allowed to move during unloading. . After the 10 cars are unloaded, they will leave, and the next group of 10 will pull up to be unloaded.

      Student Pick Up

      Pull up in the same area that you dropped you child off. Be sure to have your Kiss N Go sign in the window of your car. When you are in the “loading zone”, your child will be brought out to your car.  If you forget your KNG sign, you will have to park in the front lot of the school and come into the office to pick up your child. Be prepared to show identification.

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