Clubs and Activities

  • Art Club

    Sponsor: Katie White

    The Art Club is an after-school activity that provides materials, instruction, and support for those students who are seeking a creative outlet in addition to their academic schedule. We meet throughout the year. It is open to all CMS students. 


    Battle of the Books

    Sponsor: Cassandra Carroll

    Battle is the Books is a competition between Middle Schoolers on books that they must read.  Students 6-8 can participate. Once students have signed up, we meet once a week to talk about books read.  Students read a total of 30 books last school year.


    Beta Club

    Sponsor: Danielle Salifoski

    The National Junior Beta Club is an honor organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement, promotes strong moral character and social responsibility, encourages service to others, fosters leadership skills, and provides settings for you to develop strong interpersonal skills.

    Beta Club usually meets the first Tuesday of every month. Activity and Volunteer hours do vary. Each member must attend at least two-thirds of our monthly meetings and participate in at least two club service projects. In addition, students are expected to complete a minimum of 20 community service hours. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in as many projects as possible since this is the key to leadership development within our organization. 



    Sponsors: Jessica Wendt and Linnea Bettcher

    Our mission is:

    • To foster students’ love for musical theater while embracing their unique skills and qualities.

    • To enhance the musicianship and stage presence of our students to better prepare them for the high school level.

    We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with our singers and actors this year.  Not only will students learn the music, choreography, and dialogue of a show, but also help create costumes and set pieces.  Students will learn about working as a group and how to help build each other's confidence. 

    Everyone is welcome to join our musical. All who audition will be in the show!


    Spelling Bee

    Sponsor: Laura Sabrowskie

    The Spelling Bee at CMS begins in late fall with grade-level classroom spelling bees using lists from Scripps National Spelling Bee. Each grade-level determines 25-40 participants in their ELA classes that will continue on to our grade-level spelling bees conducted in January 2020. At our grade-level spelling bees in January, the participants compete to five spots at each grade-level spots that will go on to represent CMS at the District Spelling Bee held at CMS on February 6, 2020 against all other D300 Middle Schools. Our overall CMS winner in January is also our Kane County Qualifier and goes on to represent us at the Kane County Spelling in late February.


    Student Council

    Sponsors: Katie Odenthal and Katie Medcalf

    Student council focuses on planning events that encourage school spirit and student involvement. Student council hosts two dances during the school year as well as spirit weeks, service projects and teacher appreciation week events.



    Sponsor: Sarah Neuman

    Students in yearbook club are expected to attend school wide events and take pictures. They are also responsible for voting on the yearbook cover, poem, and creating posters to advertise the yearbook. Yearbook order forms are in the front office. They can be purchased online or have cash be brought into the school office.