• AVID Coordinators & Teachers

    • Christina Lichtenberg - 7th (Coordinator)
    • Lauren Bernardi - 8th (also Co-Coordinator)
    • Ashley Kipp - 8th
    • Linda Kleiner - 6th
    • Ashley Clark - 7th AVID Excel
    • Megan McHugh - 6th AVID Excel 


    If you're interested in joining our AVID Site Team, please respond to this email (unless you already told me in person today or emailed me already). 

    If you don't know what AVID is, feel free to read up about it by clicking here.

    A goal of AVID is to push best practice strategies school-wide so that ALL students benefit instead of just the AVID students. With the addition of AVID Excel (AVID for our EL students), we are reaching even more students with these best practice strategies! 

    Here are typical responsibilities of AVID site team members: 

    • Attend once a month meetings (on the google calendar)
    • Use AVID best practice strategies in your classroom
    • Support and advocate for AVID students
    • Identify students who would benefit from being in AVID
    • Help plan family night events
    • Help plan field trips