Exploratory and Spanish

  • Art

    Visual Arts is offered in the exploratory rotation for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. In this class students actively engage in the process of creating a variety of pieces of art, including 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional projects. Personal artworks will be created while learning about the Elements and Principles of Design. Students will be introduced to artwork presentation in art galleries and other venues around the world. Through this course, students make real-world connections to their art making and respond to art through class discussions and written work.


    College & Career Readiness I, II, and III

    Though not titled “College & Career Readiness” on schedules, students are in this course to develop some basic skills they can apply in academics now which will continue to build towards their personal goals. The course titles are unique for each grade level. In 6th grade, “Planning for Success” is a class where students will practice self-identification, communication skills, organization, and critical reading. The 7th grade, “Exploring Success” is where students will learn about options beyond high school including training, degrees, and certifications. They will explore a variety of careers including their own dream job, and work on a basic version of a personal branding website which is further developed in Innovative Technology during 8th grade. The CCR class for 8th grade students, “Achieving Success,” has students focusing on what is happening now during their final middle school year, and putting into action the goals needed to be ready for high school. They will also explore some basic financial skills while setting the foundation for reaching their ultimate goals as independent adults.


    Innovative Technology

    This course develops multimedia skills using a variety of digital tools. In 6th grade, students will create podcasts and do some basic computer coding to create animations. For 7th grade students, the focus is on building visual literacy skills, and applying those skills to digital presentations and an introduction to graphic design. During 8th grade, students are investigating career goals, developing an electronic portfolio with a personal branding project, and creating projects with video production tools.



    At the middle school level, Spanish is offered based upon eligibility. Seventh grade Spanish is an introductory course in which vocabulary and basic grammar concepts are introduced. In eighth grade, the course builds upon that foundation and follows the curriculum of high school Spanish 1. Students who successfully complete the middle school course with passing grades will earn 1.0 credit and be eligible to take Spanish 2 as freshmen.