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    New Substitute Training

    All new substitutes are required to complete the New Substitute Teacher Training in order to become a sub on the D300 Substitute roster. The next sessions will be in-person and are scheduled for:

    Thursday, April 21, 2022
    Training will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 12:00 p.m.
    The schedule will be as follows:
    -  8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
    -  10:35 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Director of School Safety 
    All scheduled trainings will be held at Central Office, located at:
    2550 Harnish Drive, Algonquin, IL 60102

    To become a D300 Substitute teacher please submit an online application as outlined in step 1 below. Once that has been completed please email to reserve a spot for the next training session.

    The training will include safety procedures and general expectations in your role as a substitute teacher.

    Please be sure to read through all of the information on this page. If you have any questions, please click here to send an email to Human Resources.


    Substitute Guidelines and Procedures

    Requirements to be a Substitute Teacher: Please click here to access the New Substitute Teacher Checklist.

    1. Complete an online application
    2. Teaching or substitute license registered in Kane County. Please see ISBE License How To's for information.
    3. Copies of academic transcripts with degrees posted.
    4. Teacher Retirement System (TRS) enrollment/beneficiary form and Social Security form (SSA-1945).
    5. Read and sign an Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status statement and BOE Policy and Procedure Acknowledgement form.
    6. Read and sign off on the Board Policies and Procedures.
    7. Complete the Race and Ethnicity form.
    8. Successfully complete a Criminal History Background check, complete with fingerprinting by the Kane County ROE.
    9. Successfully complete a criminal history background check.
    10. Have written evidence of physical fitness (physical exam), negative Tuberculosis test and negative drug screen taken within the last 90 days.
    11. INS Form I-9 "Employment Eligibility Verification", including appropriate documentation. Click here for instructions.
    12. Mandatory substitute training provided by District 300.

    New this Year

    As a school district employee you are a DCFS Mandated Reporter and when you were hired into the district you signed your acknowledgement of that status. You were not previously required to complete the DCFS Mandated Reporter training until now. By October 1, 2021 you are required to provide evidence of completing the DCFS Mandated Reporter training to the HR email otherwise you will not be able to review or accept any future substitute positions. DCFS Mandated Reporter training can be completed at no cost to you at: We will also accept a certificate or evidence of completed DCFS Mandated Reporter training from another district or program.

    Physical Requirements

    All staff working with children in schools in Illinois are required to have a negative tuberculosis x-ray or skin test. The state also requires that evidence of a successful physical fitness and freedom of communicable disease (a physical exam) is on file with the district. A negative drug screen must also be on file with District 300. A licensed physician must perform the physical examination. Once on file with the district, these exams do not need to be repeated as long as there is no break in employment.

    Substitute Training

    New substitutes will be required to attend an Orientation Workshop prior to becoming active on the substitute roster. This workshop will include an explanation of District policies and procedures, as well as an overview of the sign-in process, drills and code red procedures. This is a mandatory training.

    Responsibilities of the Substitute

    Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the assignment. All substitutes must first check in with the main office to report their presence at the school. At that time, a substitute must also provide state or government issued photo ID that will be held in the office until the end of the work day.

    1. Never leave students unattended.
    2. All subs need to check in at the buildings main office to inform them of their arrival as well as to pick up a building ID for the day. All sub's must wear the ID while subbing in the building.
    3. Carry out lesson plans left by the regular teacher.
    4. Maintain classroom discipline with excellent classroom management skills.
    5. Complete all reports normally required of the teacher, including attendance.
    6. Follow individual school requirements.
    7. Maintain a high level of integrity with regard to confidential information about students, parents, staff and other school-related matters.
    8. Be willing to work in a different room if need be, or if asked to help in a different area.
    9. Do not eat or drink in the classroom as it is a bad example for the students.
    10. Cell phone use is not permitted during instructional time. To ensure that students are not disrupted, please turn your cell phone off or on silent.

    If a substitute has questions about any of the above responsibilities, please contact a building administrator or Human Resources.

    Student Discipline

    The teacher/substitute teacher has the primary responsibility for discipline in the classroom. Should serious disciplinary issues occur, immediately obtain the assistance of the principal, assistant principal or appropriate school personnel.

    Emergency Procedures

    Please take a moment at each school to become familiar with the building's emergency plans for fire and tornado drills as well as all lock down procedures. The information should be posted at the door of each room.


    Professional appearance (business casual attire) and neat grooming are expected of all substitutes.

    Emergency School Closing Information

    Substitutes can obtain district school closing information during severe weather by:

    • District 300 website (
    • District 300 Central Office: 847.551.8300
    • D300 Mobile App (available in the app store)
    • Local news outlets

    Substitute Assignments

    Substitutes are at-will employees and work on an as-needed basis; there is no guarantee of a minimum number of assignments. Substitutes should make themselves available for as many assignments as possible. When selecting classifications and locations, please keep in mind that the more locations and/or classifications chosen, the more opportunities to sub at various schools.

    Removal from the Substitute Roster

    Substitutes may be removed from the substitute roster per their written request at any time.

    Principals or building administrators can submit a report of unacceptable performance which will then place the substitute on the "Do Not Call" list for that specific building. These forms are sent to the Human Resources Office. Any questions related to being placed on a Do Not Call list should be addressed with the building administrator directly.

    An accumulation of 3 or more of these requests or at the discretion of the Human Resources Director, a sub will be removed from the district-wide substitute roster. The substitute will be notified of these requests.


    The rate for substitute teaching is $130 for a full day, half days are considered anything less than 4 hours and are paid at half your daily rate.

    Long Term Substitute rates go into effect after 19 consecutive days in the same classroom when subbing in a certified position. The long-term substitute daily rate is $200 per day if you hold a Sub License and $260 a day if you hold a Professional Educator License or an Educator License with Stipulations. Submit Report of Long Term Assignment for payrate to be adjusted.

    District substitutes do not receive benefits from District 300.

    Direct Deposit is mandatory. District 300 employees are paid biweekly, the Pay Day Calendar can be found under Related Documents.

    Substitute Fee Reimbursement

    If you:

    • Have a Substitute license issued AFTER July 1, 2017, continue reading below.
    • Would like to see the requirements for a Substitute license: Educator Licensure Requirements
    • Would like information on how to apply for a Substitute license: Educator Licensure Application 
    • In efforts to reduce the substitute teacher shortage, ISBE is now offering a reimbursement of application and registration fees to qualifying applicants.

    To Qualify:

    • Your Sub issuance date must be later than July 1, 2017
    • You must work at least 10 full school days within one year of your issuance date
    • You must apply for the reimbursement within 18 months of your issuance date

    If you meet these requirements, please complete form 73-02: Substitute License Fee Refund Request. This form must be returned to ISBE by the school or district official. Forms submitted by the applicant will not be honored. 

    Important Links

    Contact Information:

    Human Resources,

    SmartfindExpress: 847.428.1012

    SmartfindExpress Helpdesk

    Human Resources 847.551.8490